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The mvc (mobile view controller) project in the application contains a JSF configuration file, named by default faces-config.xml. The JSF configuration file contains details of your application, such as the locales you are supporting and the rules for navigating between application pages. It also holds details of the resources needed by your application, such as managed beans and custom message bundles.

In the example you will use a page flow diagram to define the navigation or flow of your application: a browse page leading to an edit page. To begin creating the page flow, you will open the faces-config.xml file by double-clicking it in the Application Navigator. By default JDeveloper opens the configuration file in the diagrammer, which you will use to create the page flow diagram.

Page flow diagrammer, Component Palette

You add a page to the page flow diagram by selecting JSF Page from the JSF Diagram Objects page of the Component Palette and dropping it on the diagram, or by creating the page first, and then dragging it from the Application Navigator onto the diagram.

You create a navigation rule and a navigation case between two pages by using JSF Navigation Case from the Component Palette.

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