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While each data collection contains its own set of operations such as Next, Previous, Create, and Execute, the Operations folder that is the direct child node of the application module node (for example, FODModuleDataControl) contains operations that apply to all data collections in the module. The application module data control exposes two data control built-in operations named Commit and Rollback.

Data Controls panel, Operations

Note: In an application module with many view object instances and methods, you may need to scroll the Data Controls panel to find the Operations node that is the direct child of the application module data control.

When you drag the Commit operation from the Data Controls panel onto a page, you can create a button or a link that when invoked will save the transaction on the page.

Create context menu, Trinidad Button

In the example you will add a Commit button to the edit page, inserting it between the Panel Header component and the Panel Group Layout component in the Structure window. At runtime this button enable users to save any changes they make on the editable input form to the database.

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