tell me more icon Creating a Standards-Based Java Portlet (JSR 168)

JSR 168 is a standard Java application programming interface (API) for creating Java portlets that run on portals enabled for Web Services for Remote Portlets or WSRP. The JSR 168 standard defines the following:

  • The portlet API (portlet container), which provides a runtime environment to invoke portlets
  • A URL-rewriting mechanism for creating user interaction within a portlet container
  • A method for handling the security and personalization of portlets

To begin creating your standards-based Java portlet (JSR 168), right-click the Portlets project and select New. In the New Gallery, expand Web Tier, and select Portlets and then Standards-based Java Portlet (JSR 168), and click OK to open the Create JSR 168 Java Portlet wizard.

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