tell me more icon Registering an Oracle PDK-Java Portlet Producer

To enable your PDK-Java portlet to be consumed by your application, you must first deploy the portlet to a portlet producer. Then, you can register the portlet producer with your application and use the portlet. For this example, however, you will register one of the prepackaged Oracle PDK-Java portlet producers that ships with the Default Server (Integrated WLS Server). To retrieve the URL of your preconfigured PDK-Java portlet producer, start the Default Server by selecting Start Server Instance (IntegratedWebLogicServer) from the Run menu.

To begin registering a PDK-Java portlet producer, right-click the ViewController project and select New. In the New Gallery, expand Web Tier, and select Portlets and then Oracle PDK-Java Producer Registration, and click OK to open the Register Oracle PDK-Java Portlet Producer wizard.

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