tell me more icon Registering a WSRP Portlet Producer

To enable your WSRP portlet to be consumed by your application, you must first deploy the portlet to a portlet producer. Then, you can register the portlet producer with your application and use the portlet. For this example, however, you will register one of the prepackaged WSRP portlet producers that ships with the Default Server (Integrated WebLogic Server). To retrieve the URL of your preconfigured WSRP portlet producer, start the Default Server by selecting Start Server Instance from the Run menu.

To begin registering your WSRP portlet producer, right-click the ViewController project and select New. In the New Gallery, expand Web Tier, and select Portlets and then WSRP Producer Registration, and click OK to open the Register WSRP Portlet Producer wizard.

The producer registration wizard is re-entrant. This means you can re-enter the producer at another time and revise values for most wizard options.

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