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A data control is a container for all the data objects, collections, methods, and operations used to create UI components within your WebCenter application. Java Content Repository (JCR) data controls enable the publication of content from any JSR 170 Level 1 compliant repository, such as Oracle Content Server and Oracle Portal. Each type of data control contains common methods and parameters to publish content, such as links, tables, files, and folders, and to add search and advanced search capabilities for your content.

Use the Content Repository Data Control dialog to create a content repository data control for exposing the content stored in a content repository. Once the data control is created, it becomes available in JDeveloper's Data Controls panel. From here, you can drag and drop the data control methods and operations onto your JSF page.

To begin creating a data control, right-click a project suited to the creation of data controls —such as the Model project—and select New. In the New Gallery, expand Business Tier, and select Content Repository and then Content Repository Data Control, and click OK to open the Create Content Repository Data Control dialog.

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