tell me more icon Document Manager Task Flow

Under the Resource Palette, from Task Flows, drag and drop the Documents - Document Manager task flow onto the JSF page.

Resource Palette showing task flows

From the menu that displays when you drop the task flow onto the page, select Region to open the Edit Task Flow Binding dialog and specify parameters for the task flow.

You can also drag and drop a repository connection onto a JSF page, and from the Create context menu you can choose the Documents service task flow you want to add to your page. After you select the task flow, the Edit Task Flow Binding dialog displays, showing the parameter settings for the selected task flow. Click OK to accept the existing parameters, or modify the parameters as desired.

Alternatively, you can drag and drop individual files or the content of folders from an existing content repository connection to your page. To add content to your page in this way, navigate to the folder or file in the Application Resources panel, drag it to the page, and select the task flow from the menu that displays.

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