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Application templates provide a quick way to create the project structure for standard applications with the appropriate combination of technologies already specified. The new application created from the template appears in the Application Navigator already partitioned into tiered projects, with the associated technology scopes set. The application template you select determines the initial project structure (the named project folders within the application) and the application libraries that will be added. The project templates define the associated technologies.

There are several templates to choose from when you are creating a new application. You can modify existing templates or create new ones. You can then filter the work you do in JDeveloper such that the choices available are focused on the technologies you are working with.

You can change the technologies available for the new application in the following ways:

  • Add new projects to the application and specify what technologies are to be included. To do this, in the Application Navigator, right-click the application and choose New Project. Use the New Gallery to create a project.
  • Add technologies to an existing project. To do this, in the Application Navigator, right-click the project and choose Project Properties. In the Project Properties dialog, select Technology Scope. You can then add any of the available technologies to your project.

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