tell me more icon Adding Oracle Composer Components to the Page

The Oracle Composer library provides various components, such as Change Mode Link, Page Customizable, Show Detail Frame, and so on, to make a page editable and define the behavior of content on a page at runtime (for example, move, sequence, or hide components). You can display the list of Oracle Composer components by selecting Oracle Composer from the Component Palette dropdown list.

Oracle Composer components provide the ability to control the design time at runtime behavior of the application. In conjunction with Metadata Services (MDS), Oracle Composer, provides a runtime editing tool that enables business users to edit applications. Depending on the business requirement, changes made to the page can be stored as personalizations, which are available only to the currently logged-in user, or customizations, which are available to all users. Business users can use Oracle Composer to add multiple task flows to a page, access task flow properties, and wire pages and task flows to each other to create context-sensitive mashups.

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