tell me more icon Editing the Page at Runtime

At runtime, you can personalize the page in View mode. In Edit mode, you can customize the page for yourself and for other users of the page.

In View mode of the page, you can rearrange, minimize, or restore components on the page and change the layout of components on the page.

  • Select the actions available from the Actions menu on the chrome of a component to move the component up/down or right/left.

  • Click Change Layout to select a different layout option for arranging the components on your page.

Click the Change Mode Link, titled Edit, at the top of the page to navigate to Edit mode of the page.  In Edit mode you can, add content to the page, edit component properties, arrange components on the page, edit page settings (for example, changing title and background of a page), and so on. Oracle Composer provides access to the Design view and Source view of a page. In the Design view, which is displayed by default, you can add content to a page, perform customizations, such as, arranging components, deleting components, and setting page properties.

  • Click Add Content to display Catalog. The Catalog enables you to add ADF Faces components, such images, boxes, links, and so on, to the page.

  • Click Page Properties to change the page title and background color.

  • In the Source view, which displays the hierarchy of components in a tree structure, you can select a component to edit its properties or delete it.

  • From the View menu, select Source to display Source View.

  • Click the  icon to display Component Properties.

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