tell me more icon Passing the Payload

You must pass the incoming payload from the binding component service to the Mediator service component to the BPEL process service component. This requires you to create a transformation to map the payload contents from the source schema WSDL file of the web service to the target schema WSDL file of the BPEL process. The Mediator service component routes the payload between the two.

Double-click the Mediator service component and click the icon to the right of the Transform Using field.

create a transformation routing rule

In the Request Transformation Map dialog, you select to create a new transformation mapper file.

create a new mapper file

This action opens the XSLT Mapper. The XSLT Mapper enables you to create data transformations by mapping source schema elements to target schema elements. Transformations are saved in an XSL map file.

create a source-to-target mapping

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