product logoJ2EE Application development for Forms and Designer developers
Technical Papers
 Introducing Java Server Faces This paper gives and overview of the history, goals, architecture and the technical terms of Java Server Faces (JSF).
 Enterprise Java for Forms Developers: Taking it to the next level
This new paper shows how you can start to customize the default behavior of ADF to meet your application needs.
 An Introduction to ADF Best Practices
Find out the best practices for building applications with JDeveloper and Oracle ADF
 A Glossary of J2EE Terms for Forms and Designer Developers pdf
Find out, in terms you understand, the essential terms you need to know
 Mapping Forms Triggers to ADF
Where would a when-validate-item tigger fire, where do I put code if I need to do a post query? This papers tells you where all you favourite Forms triggers points map in ADF BC.
 JDeveloper 10.1.3 - A year of progress
This paper reflects on the progress that has been made with JDeveloper 10.1.3 and ADF, specifically for the RAD/Forms developers
 Oracle By Example - Building Master/Detail
This step by step tutorial takes you through building a master/detail web page including business rules and search pages. A great introduction to ADF Business Components and JSF.
 Hands-On Introduction to web services and BPEL
New to web services and BPEL? This hands-on example takes you step-by-step on how to publishe business logic as web services and then orchestrate into a BPEL process
 Case Study: Redeveloping a Forms Application Using JDeveloper 11g and Oracle ADF
This case study shows the redevelopment of a Forms application using Oracle ADF and how many of the concepts map closely to Oracle ADF. Includes the completed application.
 Introduction to Groovy in JDeveloper 11g
New white paper showing how the Groovy scripting language can be used to build business logic and validation in ADF Business Components.

 You know frameworks - Explains how, as a Forms user, you are already familiar with frameworks.
 Building apps is easy - This viewlet shows how quickly you can build an application .
 Introducing the 10.1.3EA Workshop - This viewlet introduces the hands on workshop for 10.1.3EA .

 Building Client/Server Applications with Swing and ADF - Presentation at UKOUG Combined SIG 2007

Oracle Magazine Articles
 Forms functionality in J2EE - First in a series of articles from Steve Muench published in Oracle Magazine introducing the concepts of J2EE to the Forms audience
 Starting with ADF - Steve continues his series explaining the basics of how to organize your application
 Working with data - The next article in this series explains the conceps of the ADF Model and how to query, update and publish your data .
 Browsing and editing data - Steve shows that using drag and drop you can quickly create screens to browse and edit your dat a.
 Adding search pages - As this series of articles builds up to allow you to build web based applications, you can now add search pages.
 Working with Master/Detail - Venture beyond the single table application and build more complex data relationships.
 Appreciating the Entity Object - Go that step further with entity objects.
 Using Bind Variables - Ensure the best performance for your queries
 Tuning Your View Objects - Get some design tips on how to get the best performance from your ADF application
 A New Face On the Block - Talking about JSF, new in 10.1.3
 Harnessing the Active Data Model - How ADF Business Components ensures your data and screen stay in synch.
 Jumpstart J2EE Development - Finish development faster with Oracle JHeadstart..
 Breaking out of the browser - Find out how you can exploit the power of the desktop using Swing.
 Beyond Declarative Validation - Expanding your validation into code.
 Producing Parameterized Pages - This article explores how to create parameterized pages declaratively by using Oracle JDeveloper, Oracle Application Development Framework (Oracle ADF) Business Components, and Oracle ADF Faces
 Cascading Lists Of Values - Setting up LOVs is easier than ever with Oracle JDeveloper 11g
 Enhanced Calculation and Validation - Do even more in Oracle Application Development Framework 11g—without code.
 Services with a Smile - Create data-centric Web services for SOA development in minutes.
 Declarative Data Filtering - Define multiple query expressions and build search forms with ease.
 Enlightened Development - Simplifying common navigation and coding tasks
 A Home for your Chrome - How to create professional UIs with page templates in JDeveloper 11g
 Task and you shall receive - Visually assemble applications from reusable task flows in JDeveloper 11g
 A Developing a Regional Accent - Use task flows to create reusable regions in pages
 Easier Interactive Data Entry - Improve the end-user experience with declarative LOVs and automatic partial page refresh

Hands-On Lessons for 11.1.1 (Production) JDeveloper New!
 Download the presentations that support these hands-on lessons. Forms Strategy, Introduction to ADF, Using Familiar Techniques, Adding the Busines Logic and Building the UI
 Planning the application zip - The first hands-on session of the workshop shows how you plan your application development using database modeling tools to visualise and maintain your database.
 Building the business components zip- How to build your data model on which your application will run
 Implementing business rules zip- Adding validation and business logic to the data model
 Creating pages zip - Creating web pages to display and update the data in you application
 Adding Navigation and enhancing the UI zip- Enhancing the user interface by adding page navigation, combo and check boxes
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