Oracle JDeveloper Release Notes

Last Updated: April 4, 2014

About this Release

This is a limited release of JDeveloper specifically intended for developers building applications that target deploying to Oracle Public Cloud 13.2 (Java Cloud Service). If you are looking to develop applications that you intend to deploy on premise, please see the JDeveloper download page on OTN for one of our other generally available releases that meet your requirements. JDeveloper is a minor patch release on top of which adds Oracle Public Cloud 13.2 support.

The Java Cloud Service offering in Oracle Public Cloud is configured with Oracle ADF shared libraries, allowing developers to create custom ADF applications that integrate with Oracle's SaaS offerings based on the same ADF version. Please note that Oracle does not intend to release ADF as a on-premise installable option. Developers can use the JDeveloper to build and test ADF applications that are ultimately intended for deployment to Java Cloud Service.

New Features

New Features for JDeveloper Users

JDeveloper provides out-of-the-box support for developing for and deploying applications to Java Cloud Service 13.2. Other than that, this release does not contain any new JDeveloper features.

New Features for ADF Users

ADF has a few new features that you can take advantage of when deploying to Java Cloud Service. Of particular interest to Java Cloud Service developers are two new ADF Faces components (af:panelSpringBoard and af:panelDrawer) along with the new option on af:panelTabbed to use a vertical tab orientation. These features provide the basis of the Fusion Applications new Simplified UI experience and can be leveraged by custom ADF applications to achieve a similar result. For more information, please refer to the documentation for this release.

Note, if you are looking for these features in an on-premise deployment solution, please evaluate the Oracle JDeveloper and ADF release which has these, and many other new features.

Known Issues

The known issues for this release are the same as for JDeveloper, with the following exceptions:


The documentation library contains the installation guide for Oracle Team Productivity Center Server, which is not released to the public. For TPC installation, please refer to the Installation Guide for Oracle Team Productivity Center Server.

Certification and Support

The supported environments for JDeveloper are the same as for JDeveloper, with the following exceptions:

Oracle Public Cloud 13.2 Support

This release is tested with Oracle Database Cloud Service 13.2 and Oracle Java Cloud Service 13.2. 

Limited Application Server Support

ADF applications built with this release are only supported with deployment to Oracle Java Cloud Service.