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Product Overview
 Oracle9i JDeveloper Reviewer's Guide (Zipped PDF)
This guide is a companion document to aid hands-on evaluation of Oracle9i JDeveloper. The guide contains an introduction to Oracle9i JDeveloper, an overview of new features, and detailed step by step instructions on how to develop J2EE applications and Web services with Oracle9i JDeveloper.
 Oracle9i JDeveloper 9.0.3.x New Features
 Oracle9i JDeveloper 9.0.3 OracleWorld 2002 Step by Step Hands On Lab
 Explore the Oracle9 i JDeveloper Handbook
Chapter 3, "Creating BC4J Applications with the IDE Tools."
Chapter 9, "Introducing Business Components for Java."
Read our conversation with the authors.
 Oracle9i JDeveloper 9.0.2 Whitepaper (PDF)

 Developing Custom JSP Tag Libraries in Oracle9i JDeveloper
This paper illustrates how to productively build custom JSP Tag Libraries with Oracle9i JDeveloper.
 Migration to Oracle9i JDeveloper Made Easy
This paper provides guidelines on how to migrate to Oracle9i JDeveloper with your exisiting sources. The paper also exposes some of our developers' favorite productivity hints.
 Extensions for Oracle JDeveloper
 JDeveloper extension for developing J2ME applications
J2EE and BC4J Development
 Business Components for Java Statement of Direction
This is a revision of the Business Components for Java Statement of Direction, updated to incorporate new information about the current and future releases (June 2003).
 Building a Web Store with Struts & BC4J Frameworks
By exploring the details of a sample application built using two popular off-the-shelf J2EE frameworks, Jakarta Struts and Oracle Business Components for Java (BC4J), this paper illustrates how developers can build J2EE-compliant applications with maximum developer productivity using a framework-based approach. In the process, it highlights the full lifecycle support that the Oracle9i JDeveloper IDE provides for framework-based development using Struts and BC4J.
 Tutorial Series : Industrial-Strength BC4J
This series of tutorials uses the Virtual Shopping Mall sample application to demonstrate programming techniques that take advantage of features of Business Components for Java (BC4J), Oracle's standards-based, server-side framework for creating scalable, high-performance J2EE applications. While describing parts of the larger application, each tutorial is self-contained, and each explains how to use a technique or perform a task.
 Using Struts with Oracle9i JDeveloper - Hands On Exercises
 BC4J Performance Report: Sample Response Times Under Load
This paper presents the results of a benchmark that was run to illustrate the performance and scalability of an application developed with Business Components for Java (BC4J), Oracle's J2EE framework.
 BC4J Business Rules in BC4J (PDF)
This white paper describes a method for modeling and implementing business rules in BC4J.
 Introduction to JClient: A Guide for Forms Developers
This paper is intended for Oracle Forms developers who would like an introduction to building Java Clients using Oracle9i JDeveloper.
 Overview of Temporary Tables Used by BC4J
This white paper describes the database tables used by BC4J to store collections of temporary data.
 Configuring OC4J to work with BC4J
 Simplifying J2EE and EJB Development with BC4J
This paper explains how Oracle's J2EE-compliant Business Components for Java (BC4J) framework considerably simplifies delivering solutions that exploit the full set of J2EE technologies by providing an off-the-shelf implementation of the numerous design patterns you would normally have to code by hand.
 Business Components for Java Feature Overview
 Java Client Statement of Direction
 Introduction to JClient: A Simplified Guide
 Business Components for Java Whitepaper
Web Services
 Web Services Tutorials
Over 15 step-by-step tutorials for building and publishing Java and database Web Services.
 Automated Invocation of a .NET Web Service
A guide to interacting with a .NET Web Service from Oracle9i JDeveloper.
 Database Web Services
A set of examples and papers to publish and consume database Web Services.
 Web Services Center
An exhaustive resource for samples, technical papers, live demos and tutorials on Web Services.
UML Modeling
 Modeling Tools Statement of Direction
A statement of direction covering the modeling related features in Oracle9i Designer and Oracle9i JDeveloper.
 Optimizing Development Productivity Using UML in Oracle9i JDeveloper (PDF)
This paper discusses the value that modeling can add to a development environment. It describes the particular techniques of the UML — class modeling and activity modeling — that are introduced in JDeveloper and why the features of those modelers are important to developers.
Database Development
 Oracle9i JDeveloper 9.0.3 announces support for PL/SQL development and debugging
This document describes the features for PL/SQL development and general database development that are included with Oracle9i JDeveloper 9.0.3.
 Developing Business Intelligence applications using BI Beans within Oracle9i JDeveloper
 WebGain Developer Center
Want to know what JDeveloper offers to WebGain users? Check out the VisualCafe plugin and other resources to simplify migration from VisualCafe to Oracle9i JDeveloper.
 Migration to Oracle9i JDeveloper Made Easy
This paper provides guidelines on how to migrate to Oracle9i JDeveloper with your exisiting sources. The paper also exposes some of our developers' favorite productivity hints.
 Migrating Forms Applications to J2EE
Java and the J2EE platform are now established as standards for building Web applications. With this drive towards an open and standard architecture, organizations need to decide which tool and development style to employ and whether they need to migrate existing Oracle Forms applications onto the J2EE platform.
Other Resources
 FAQ on JSR 198 and Eclipse related announcement
 Internet Seminar Series: "Oracle9i JDeveloper - Meet The Developers"
Hear conversations with developers from the Oracle9i JDeveloper Team, who discuss the latest new features in Oracle9i JDeveloper 9.0.3.
 Oracle9i JDeveloper Training available on OLN
In the OLN catalog, search on "JDeveloper".
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