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EJB3.0 Component Demo

An Oracle JDeveloper How To Document
Written by Praveen Thulasiraman, Oracle Corporation
January, 2010

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EJB3.0 component demo application is a collection showcasing the capabilities of EJB3.0 features.

Features covered

  • Callback Listeners
    • Entity Bean Callback Methods
    • Stateless Session Bean Callback Methods
    • Stateful Session Bean Callback Methods
  • Inheritance
    • JOINED
  • Named Queries
    • where clause is a parameter
    • where clause is a correlated subquery
    • where clause is a CONCAT function
    • where clause is a SUBSTR function
  • Interceptors
    • @AroundInvoke

Software Requirement

Invoking the How-Tos

Following the How-Tos, one should be able to create the applications that showcase the features. The downloads listed below can be utilised for comparison and code reference.

Running and Invoking Feature applications

  1. Download sample applications and extract them

  2. Open the applications in Jdeveloper

  3. Modify the database connections to point to instances accessible to you

  4. Compile all the projects

  5. Start the Integrated WebLogic Server using menu option Run->Start Server Instance (IntegratedWebLogicServer)

  6. Deploy each of the applications to WebLogic Server instance following these guidelines -
    • Create a EJB JAR deployment profile for the model project
    • Create a WAR deployment profile for the viewController project
    • Create a EAR deployment profile for the application
    • In the Application Assembly include the JAR and WAR files created
    • Deploy the EAR to the integrated server

  7. To run the demo, invoke browser and go to - http://weblogicserverName:port/EJBComponentDemo-ViewController-context-root/faces/index

  8. Index Page

  9. Click on 'Call back listeners' Components link to view the Callback Listeners application.

  10. Index Page

  11. Click on 'Entity Inheritance Demo' Components link to view the Inheritance application.

  12. Index Page

  13. Click on 'Named Queries and Interceptors' Components link to view the Named Queries application.

  14. Index Page

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