Java EE Application Development for Forms and Designer Developers

Are you new to J2EE? Do you have a background in Oracle Forms and Designer? Then welcome to the J2EE application development center dedicated for developers from a Forms and Designer background. Find out how J2EE can be used to extend the boundaries of your Forms applications and why JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) are the natural choice for Forms and Designer developers.


Two New JDeveloper/ADF Books Published
Two new JDeveloper/ADF books have been published by McGraw-Hill. They are the Oracle JDeveloper 11g Handbook and the more advanced Oracle Fusion Developer Guide.
8th-Jan-2010 New

Free ADF/JDeveloper Fusion Development Workshop annouced for 2010
Hands-on Oracle ADF training for Oracle developers in the UK, US, Canada and mainlan Europe. Sign up now, places are limited.
8th-Jan-2010 New

Free Oracle ADF Partner training day in the UK
Hands-on Oracle ADF training day specifically for Oracle partners. Dates confirmed for November 2009 and January 2010. Register now, places are limited.

Introduction to Groovy in JDeveloper 11g
New white paper showing how the Groovy scripting language can be used to build business logic and validation in ADF Business Components.

Updated Hands-on Workshop is available
The Hands-on workshop available on this page has now been updated for version 11.1.1 of JDeveloper. See the link in the headline and or the side bar headlined "Hands-On" on this page.

Easier Interactive Data Entry
Improve the end-user experience with declarative LOVs and automatic partial page refresh. Magazine article by Steve Muench.

Case Study: Redeveloping a Forms Application using JDeveloper 11g and Oracle ADF
To coincide with the release of JDeveloper 11g, this paper show how a typical Forms application can be build using JDeveloper 11g and Oracle ADF. This also includes a sample application.

Codeless Calculated Fields in JDeveloper 11g
Grant Ronald blogs on how JDeveloper 11g gives you more, with less code.

Sharing services between Forms and Java EE Applications
Find out how you can build new business services in JDeveloper 11g and call those services from Oracle Forms

Getting Started

Introducing Java Server Faces (JSF)
This paper gives an overview of the history, goals, architecture and the technical terms of Java Server Faces (JSF).
Oracle JDeveloper 10g for Forms and PL/SQL Developers Written by Peter Koletzke and Duncan Mills this book is the ultimate reference for Forms and PL/SQL developers who are starting J2EE development
Series of Oracle Magazine articles A series of magazine articles taking you through the first steps of comparing Forms and J2EE and how JDeveloper and Oracle ADF can make you productive in building applications
Mapping Forms triggers to ADF Where would a when-validate-item tigger fire, where do I put code if I need to do a post query? This papers tells you where all you favourite Forms triggers points map in ADF BC.
You know frameworks - You've heard of frameworks, this presentation shows how, as a Forms user, you are already familiar with frameworks.
Building apps is easy - This viewlet shows how quickly you can build an application .

Technical Articles

Oracle ADF Overview Get an introduction to Oracle Application Development Framework.
Updated for JDeveloper 11g
Hands-On Introduction to web services and BPEL
New to web services and BPEL? This hands-on example takes you step-by-step on how to publish business logic as web services and then orchestrate into a BPEL process .
Complete list of technical articles For a full list of technical articles including best practices, redeveloping Forms applications in ADF and more, click here.
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Grant Ronald Grant Ronald is Group Product Manager for Forms and JDeveloper and is working on introducing Java and Java EE to Forms developers.

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Mapping ADF to Forms
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Hands-On Updated for 11.1.1
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Customer Stories and Partners
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· ZLM Case Study: Forms and JDeveloper
Case study of a Forms modernization using JDeveloper, Web services and ESB.
· CMiC embrace Forms and J2EE
With a background and investment in Oracle Forms, CMiC extend their application through the power of J2EE, JDeveloper and ADF.
· Eurotransplant profile and Blog Interview on getting their Forms and Designer developers to be productive in J2EE using JDeveloper and ADF.
· JHeadstart
· Partners

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