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Oracle Magazine DEVELOPER: Frameworks Columns

Date: June 10, 2010

The following are archive links to my Oracle Magazine DEVELOPER: Frameworks columns in reverse chronological order...

Issue Column Title Contents
July/August 2010 Compelling Dialog

Calling bounded task flows as inline popups

  • Overview
  • Calling a Task Flow in a Dialog Box
  • Configuring Return Values
  • Implementing a Return Listener
May/June 2010 Libraries You Can Depend On

Modularizing your application using ADF libraries

  • Overview of the Sample
  • Using a Library from the Resource Palette
  • Creating Libraries and Configuring Dependencies
  • Using a Task Flow from a Library
March/April 2010 Embracing Extends

Simplifying development using inheritance

  • Defining Entity Subtypes
  • Using Polymorphic Entity Usages
  • Defining View Object Subtypes
  • Using Polymorphic View Rows
January/February 2010 The Route to Success

Use task flow routers for conditional navigation

  • Using Page Definition Variables
  • Using a Wildcard Rule and Default Router
  • Initializing a Task Flow with a Client Interface Method
  • Routing Based on Method Results
November/December 2009 One Smart Combo

Let end users choose, search for, or manually enter valid values

  • Using a Combobox LOV Component
  • Controlling List Choices
  • Making the Filter Smarter
  • Using Combobox LOV in Search
September/October 2009 At the Breaking Point

Debug more effectively with Oracle Application Development Framework

  • Using an Exception Breakpoint
  • Using Binding and Activity Breakpoints
  • Using Method Breakpoints
  • Fine-Tuning Your Breakpoints
July/August 2009 Targets, Accessors, and Trees

Creating Hierarchical Displays Is Surprisingly Simple

  • From View Links, A Tree Grows
  • Creating the Tree
  • Configuring Root Nodes
  • Targeting Another Iterator on Tree Selection
May/June 2009 Extending a Helping Hand

Add Custom Features to Improve Team Productivity

  • Setting Up Your Framework Extensions Project
  • Enabling Optional SQL Tracing
  • Putting a Framework Extension Class to Work
  • Improving View Object Query Logging
  • Simplifying Sequence-Valued Primary Keys
March/April 2009 A Ride at the OK (or Cancel) Corral

Configuring Nested Transactions Using Task Flows

  • Exploring the Example
  • Understanding Transaction Options
  • Putting Theory Into Practice
  • Exercising Your OKs and Cancels
  • Scoping Out One Final Detail
January/February 2009 Easier Interactive Data Entry

Improving the User Experience with Declarative Popup LOVs and Auto-PPR

  • Adding Reference Information to a View Object
  • Defining the LOV on a Reference Attribute
  • Configuring the LOV for Auto-Completion
  • Seeing Data Changes Reflected Automatically
November/December 2008 Developing a Regional Accent

Use task flows as regions to improve UI reuse

  • Creating a Bounded Task Flow of Page Fragments
  • Performing an Operation Before the Page Renders
  • Adding the Task Flow as a Region
September/October 2008 Task and You Shall Receive

Visually assemble applications from reusable task flows

  • Understanding Task Flows
  • Exploring a Bounded Task Flow
  • Configuring the Method Activities
  • Calling a Task Flow
July/August 2008 A Home for Your Chrome

Easily Enforce Consistent Look and Feel with Page Templates

  • Creating a Page Template
  • Designing the Page Template
  • Using a Page Template
  • Changing the Template
May/June 2008 Enlightened Development

Simplifying Common Navigation and Coding Tasks

  • Exploring Component Relationships
  • Finding Usages
  • Navigating Code
  • Using Code Assist Suggestions
March/April 2008 Declarative Data Filtering

Easily define multiple query expressions and build search forms

  • Using Declarative SQL Mode
  • Defining Named View Criteria
  • Using Named View Criteria
  • Creating Search Forms
January/February 2008 Services with a Smile

Create data-centric Web services for SOA development in minutes

  • Enabling the Service Interface
  • Testing the Service
  • Deploying the Service
November/December 2007 Enhanced Calculation and Validation

Do even more common development tasks in ADF 11g without code

  • Simplifying Calculated Attributes
  • Validating Foreign Keys
  • Constraining Dependent Values
  • Writing Groovy Validation Rules
September/October 2007 Defining Cascading List of Values

Setting up LOVs has never been easier

  • Setting Up the Model
  • Defining the Lists of Values
  • Testing Your Lists of Values
  • Using Lists of Values in JSF
July/August 2007 Producing Parameterized Pages

Retrieving rows to view or edit using request parameters

  • Using Declarative Actions to Retrieve Data
  • Creating an Action Binding to Find a Row
  • Invoking the Action Before the Page Displays
  • Using the ExecuteWithParams or setCurrentRowWithKey Actions
  • Passing Parameters Within a Single Oracle ADF Application
May/June 2007 Beyond Declarative Validation

Implementing more complex business logic using Java

  • Programmatic Business Logic Basics
  • Creating Method Validators
  • Assigning Default Values
  • Creating Your Own Reusable Validation Rules
March/April 2007 Breaking Out of the Browser

Simplify your Java desktop applications with Oracle ADF Swing

  • A Bit About Swing
  • Creating an Empty Form
  • Adding an Edit Form
  • Adding a Data-Driven Combo Box
  • Deployment Options and Third Party Resources
January/February 2007 Modeling Tables and Business Components

Maintain your data-centric business services using visual diagrams

  • Visualizing Your Database Schema
  • Creating Your Business Components
  • Perfecting, Printing, and Publishing the Diagram
November/December 2006 Jump-Start J2EE Development

Finish development faster with Oracle JHeadstart.

  • What is Oracle JHeadstart?
  • Generating Your First Web Application
  • Running the Default Application
  • Customizing Preferences and Regenerating
September/October 2006 Harnessing the Active Data Model

Going beyond basic data access with custom service methods

  • Understanding the Active Data Model
  • Adding a Custom Service Method
  • Publishing Custom Service Methods to Clients
  • Calling a Custom Service Method
July/August 2006 A New Face on the Block

ADF 10.1.3 offers new JSF support and enhanced visual, declarative development

  • JDev and JSF
  • Creating a Search Page Using Bind Variables
  • Creating a Search Page Using Find Mode
  • Fine Tuning the Result

May/June 2006 Tuning Your View Objects

What you don’t know can hurt your application’s performance

  • Understanding When to Use Entities
  • Tuning Your Queries
  • Setting Your Tuning Options
  • Creating View Objects at Design Time
March/April 2006 Using Bind Variables

Insure maximum query performance by using bind variables.

  • Creating View Objects with Bind Variables
  • Setting Bind Variable Values
  • Using Multiple Bind Variables
  • Bind Variable Enhancements in 10.1.3
January/February 2006 Appreciating the Entity Object

Declare and configure Oracle ADF entity objects instead of hand-coding Java.

  • Working with Entities and Tables
  • Declarative XML, No Java Required
  • Attribute-Level Settings
  • Labels, Tooltips, and Format Masks
November/December 2005 Working with Master/Detail Data

Working with related data in a simpler way.

  • Relating Entity Objects with Associations
  • Exploiting Associations for Business Rules
  • Linking Master/Detail Queries with View Links
  • Setting Up Multiple Masters or Details
September/October 2005 Creating Search Pages

Helping your end-users find what they're looking for.

  • Using "Enter Query" Mode
  • The Role Bindings Play
  • Creating a Quick-Search Field
July/August 2005 Browsing and Editing Data

Dragging and dropping your way to the web.

  • Browsing Data Page by Page
  • Improving the Web User Experience
  • Creating an Input Form
  • Connecting the Pages
May/June 2005 Working with Data

Using Oracle ADF to query, update, and publish data.

  • Creating a View Object for a SQL Query
  • Working with View Object Query Results
  • Creating Updateable View Objects
  • Publishing an Application Module as a Web Service
March/April 2005 Starting with Oracle ADF

Understanding the basics of application organization.

  • Basic Organization of Oracle ADF Applications
  • What Goes into Which Project?
  • What Sort of Code Do I End Up Writing?
  • Unique Features of Framework- Based Development
January/February 2005 Forms Functionality in J2EE

Leverage your Oracle Forms skills in J2EE frameworks.

  • Separating UI and Application Data
  • Meet the ADF Business Components
  • Familiar Tasks with a Java Twist
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