Welcome to the ADF Toy Store Demo

JDeveloper 10g Release 10.1.2 Version

Steve Muench, Technical Evangelist, Product Mgr, Developer, Author
ADF Development Team, Oracle Corporation
May 3, 2005

The ADF Toy Store demo is a simple web storefront application adhering to the Model/View/Controller (MVC) design pattern. It is implemented using two existing J2EE application frameworks: Apache Struts and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF). By dissecting the framework-based implementation of the ADF Toy Store demo, we learn how ADF simplifies building all aspects of the model layer, and how the Struts and ADF frameworks cooperate to simplify implementing the view and controller layers. The web user interface is fully translated into English, Italian, and German to show off the internationalization features of these two frameworks.

You can download the demo (3.9M), which includes the fully commented source code, as well as an extensive technical whitepaper explaining how the demo was built. You can also read the read the technical whitepaper online. The whitepaper explains how to run the demo inside Oracle JDeveloper 10g, Oracle's IDE for Java and J2EE development.

If you find the demo useful and/or educational, or have comments on how the demo could be improved or expanded, feel free to drop me a line to let me know. You can follow my frequent postings of ADF-related tips and techniques over on my Dive into BC4J and ADF web log.

General technical questions about Oracle JDeveloper 10g, ADF, and ADF/Struts integration can be posted to the Oracle Technology Network's JDeveloper Discussion Forum. Bookmark the Oracle Technology Network to stay up to date on all Oracle technology.

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