Install JAR files in the Database

An Oracle JDeveloper How To Document
Written by Susan Duncan
March , 2004


Install SOAP Client Stack in Oracle Database
Conclusion and where to get more information


You can use JDeveloper to install Java files in the database using the LoadJava and Java Stored Procedures feature. This How To uses the example of loading the SOAP Client Stack into the database. This stack enables the database to call-out to web services.

Install SOAP Client Stack in Oracle Database

This is a one-off install to enable calls from the database to web services. These instructions have been tested using an Oracle 9.2 database running on Windows XP.

  1. Create a new project
  2. Select the project node in the navigator and use its context menu to open the Project Properties dialog
  3. Click on Paths node
  4. Click Edit button next to Additional Classpaths field and add each of the following JAR files
  5. Click OK to save the addional classpaths and OK to close the Project Properties dialag
  6. Create a new Java and Java Stored Procedures Profile (File -> New -> Deployment Profiles -> Java and Java Stored Procedures Profile) called loadsoap.deploy
  7. Select Loadjava Options and check the -verbose checkbox only

  8. Select Privileges
  9. Check -synonym and -grant checkboxes only
  10. Type public in the field below the grant checkbox and click Add button

  11. Select Resolver
  12. Check -resolve checkbox only

  13. Select Contributors
  14. Check Project Additional Classpath box only

  15. Click OK to save properties
  16. In the Connections navigator, create a database connection for your SYS user
  17. Return to your project and select loadsoap.deploy in the navigator
  18. Use the context menu to deploy to you new SYS connection
  19. In the log window, you will see that the deployment tab displays a number of errors, these are normal. These errors refer to dependencies of the loaded classes on other classes that are not needed for the SOAP client stack. Because of these messages the log window will state Deployment Incomplete but this can be ignored.

Conclusion and where to get more information

This How To has shown how the LoadJava and Java Stored Procedures feature of JDeveloper can be used to load JAR files into the database. Specific arguments (such as -resolve -synonym) can also be configured.

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