New to Oracle JDeveloper?
Use the resources on this page to get started with Oracle JDeveloper.
First step - Download Oracle JDeveloper 10g
If you have a fast connection the best choice is to download the full version.
Second Step - Install Oracle JDeveloper 10g
Simply unzip the JDeveloper zip file into a new directory on your computer. (On non-Windows platform there are a couple of other steps.)
Third Step - Start Oracle JDeveloper 10g
In the install directory go to jdev\bin and run jdevw.exe. (On non-Windows platform run the jdev script in the same directory.)
A Guided tour of the IDE
An online demo that will get you familiar with the Oracle JDeveloper 10g interface.
Create your first Java class
Step-by-step instruction for starting a project and creating a "hello world" class with Oracle JDeveloper 10g.
Create your first JavaServer Page (JSP)
Step-by-step instruction to create your first JSP Web application with Oracle JDeveloper 10g.
Oracle JDeveloper Reviewer's Guide
Step-by-step instruction that guiding you through various features of Oracle JDeveloper 10g.
More Step-by-Step Tutorials
The Oracle JDeveloper 10g section of Oracle By Example.
Got Questions or Problems?
Post your question on the Oracle JDeveloper discussion forum.
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