Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle ADF 11g Release 1 ( New Features and Bug Fixes

Updated: May 6, 2011 


The 11g Release 1 Patch Set 4 ( release of Oracle JDeveloper and Oracle Application Development Framework (ADF) is a bug-fix release. There are no new features introduced in this release.

As always, we welcome your feedback on the OTN forum.

Previous Version? If you are looking for the new feature list for other 11g releases, see the main JDeveloper documentation page.

Bugs Fixed In This Release

Bug Num Component Category Subject
11843639 ADFSHARE ADF_CONTEXT_RT backport 11709932, oracle.portlet.bridge
11935038 ADFSHARE WS_CONN adf sdo clients must set a property
10163709 ADF_FACES RT_LOV backport: bug 09882151 - autosuggest feature wipes out validation
11692479 ADF_FACES RT_QUERY backport for bug 11655886 - npe thrown in lov search panel with check boxes
11696781 CONTROLLER ADFC_REGION backport: handle exceptions in task flow running in a region
12324858 DATABIND DT backport:pagedefinitions within adf library are not being found
11678464 DATABIND PLACEHOLDER_RT irrelevant oracle.jbo.pcollexception: jbo-28001: cannot connect to database
11775821 DVT GEOMAP backport bug 11702387 to legend not aligned properly on firefox 4.0
11686825 FDI FDI_XL_RT backport bug 11683722 - el with binding hints evaluates for every row
11690215 FDI FDI_XL_RT config validation occurs at runtime
10405421 JBO APP_MODULE_RT backport of bug 10172305: second level join table not refreshing with null
11842962 JBO VIEW_CRIT_RT backport 11815331 - regression : saved search is not working as expected.
10378138 JBO VO_DT backport 10329359:same va name allowed in base vo and extended vo, cause rt err
12366132 JBO VO_DT backport ps4: unable to add attribute ui hint - customization role
12319079 JBO (null) backport ps4 bug 10387741: click ok button in file upload popup win
11774121 JDEV DB_EDITORS hang when trying to select non-default schema in bc from tables wizard
11742191 JDEV DB_OFFLINE error when adding table comment with modification api
09740870 JDEV DB_SQLDEV code style use tab character issue
10426049 JDEV DB_SQLDEV ora-00911 when accessing oracle bam tables from jdev when column name contains leading/trailing underscore
11060213 JDEV FILE_SYSTEM bugs with windows 7 when using a non-populated view
11689713 JDEV SCM_SVN backport of bug 9365881: JDev subversion supportin conflict with svntortoise
11731074 OHW_RC (null) backport of 10179297 :set filename with environment variable for ohwconfigfileur
09858365 RCS BI expose bi extensions to external customers
11931470 XMLEF GRAMMAR_META backport to ps4 bug 11710043 - oracle.bali.xml.grammar.qualifiedname