Oracle® JDeveloper 10g

Release Notes Addendum

Version 9.0.5

July 2004



The issues listed here were compiled after the release of Oracle JDeveloper 10g version in April 2004.

This is an addendum to the release notes for that release. As new issues arise, they will be added to this addendum.

Cannot Create Web Services for PL/SQL Nested Tables (3761793)

JDeveloper does not allow you to create web services directly from PL/SQL packages that use PL/SQL nested tables.

UIXVE Throws NPE and Goes Blank in Page with Meta Refresh Tag (3597690)

Certain UIX pages may cause the UIX Visual Editor to blank out after having briefly displayed correctly. This only happens for pages that render an HTML META refresh. To encounter this bug, a page would contain a line like:

<html:meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3"/> in it's <head> section.

To work around this issue, while using the visual editor, comment out any META refresh lines. To actually run the page (and restore it's auto-refresh functionality), uncomment the lines. So for this example, the workaround is to while using the UIX Visual Editor change it to:

<!-- <html:meta http-equiv="refresh" content="3"/> -->

To run or deploy the application, the lines would be changed back.

Importing or Migrating Existing Data into JDeveloper (3567977)

When importing existing data or migrating existing data into JDeveloper it is advised to select either the workspace file *.jws or project file *.jpr. Selections from lower levels may result in an "Unable to add to Project" message which may hang JDeveloper. Repeated selection of the "OK" button may dismiss the "Unable to add to Project" message and the data will be added.

Cannot Access a Local CVS Repository if Client-only CVS Software is Installed (3375219)

Symptom: JDeveloper freezes indefinitely after you attempt to expand a CVS connection node in the Connection Navigator. You cannot proceed without closing JDeveloper through the Task Manager.

Cause: You have installed a client-only version of CVS and are trying to access a local CVS repository.

Solution: Install a client/server version of CVS See the JDeveloper help topic "Configuring JDeveloper to Use CVS" for more information.

Renaming CMP PK Field Does Not Update the Orion-Ejb-Jar.Xml Correctly (3566621)

When the primary key field of a CMP bean is renamed, the orion-ejb-jar.xml is not updated correctly. The workaround for this issue is to manually delete the cmp-field-mappings that are no longer needed from orion-ejb-jar.xml and fix the setter methods used in the bean class as required.

Intermedia Types not Available for Playback After Page Navigation (3504300)

After performing page navigation in a UIX table with ADF bound media components, plugins for intermedia content (audio & video) may not render successfully for playback. A page refresh will force the plugins to render successfully. An alternate solution is to set the "player" attribute of the media component to "link" which will render links that can be accessed for media playback.

java.lang.LinkageError When Running UIX JSP in OC4J

This problem may indicate that a class in your project is to be found in two different jar files. This may cause internal classloader problems for OC4J. You should try either of these two workarounds:

  1. Remove unnecessary libraries from your web project. For example, if you build a UIX BC4J web application, you do not need the libraries "Oracle JDBC" or "BC4J Oracle Domains" because these libraries also appear in your Model project.
  2. Configure orion-web.xml not to search local classes first. Right click on the orion-web.xml file in your WEB-INF node of the ViewController project and uncheck the "Search Local Classes First" box.


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