Oracle® 9i JDeveloper

Release Notes Addendum

Version 9.0.4

April 2004



The issues listed here were compiled after the release of Oracle9i JDeveloper version 9.0.4 in April 2004.

Deploying ADF UIX applications from Oracle9i JDeveloper (9.0.4) to Oracle Application Server 10g (9.0.4) on UNIX platform

To deploy an ADF UIX application to the Oracle Application Server (AS) 10g the runtime version of ADF UIX on the application server needs to be the same as in JDeveloper.  By default, Oracle9i JDeveloper (9.0.4) does not deploy the version of UIX you are developing against to the application server. If you are deploying to Oracle AS 10g on Unix the version of ADF UIX used with Oracle9i  JDeveloper (9.0.4 build 1419) differs from the version installed on Oracle AS 10g.

To successfully deploy an ADF UIX application to Oracle AS 10g on a Unix platform, the solution is to always deploy the version of UIX you are developing against as part of your web application. This can be accomplished in three easy steps:

  1. JDeveloper automatically includes local UIX installables in the public_html directory of projects with UIX XML files, so you only need to do this step if you are using UIX JSP. By default UIX JSP applications load the UIX installables from the bc4j.ear file, which is deployed to your application server.  Because of the version differences between the Solaris release and the Windows releases it is not recommended that you deploy the bc4j.ear file that is included in the Oracle9i JDeveloper (9.0.4) release. Instead of relying on the bc4j.ear file you should change your project to use local UIX installables by unzipping into your public_html directory.
  2. Edit your project's WAR deployment profile settings so that the UIX Runtime library JARs are included in WEB-INF/lib.
  3. Add an orion-web.xml file to your project, and add one line to set the search-local-classes-first flag as instructed here:

Another recommended solution is to upgrade to Oracle JDeveloper 10g ( release. The above three steps are done for you automatically in Oracle JDeveloper 10g ( for any UIX project, which ensure a successful deployment.


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