New Team Development Features in JDeveloper 10g Production

Written by Brian Duff, Oracle Corporation
April 2004

JDeveloper 10g 9.0.5 production (build 1605) has been released. As well as a whole lot of bug fixes, we added quite a few new features since the preview release (build 1375). This article delves into a bit more detail (with screenshots) about the specific features added for team development support: CVS, ClearCase and Oracle SCM version control integration.



Automatic check out
If you start typing in a read only code editor (or perform other editing commands, such as paste) for a version controlled file, it is automatically checked out (or a cvs edit is issued in CVS). This behavior can be controlled by a preference. Automatic checkout also happens for certain .xml based files, such as project files, which can become modified while still checked in. When you save such files, they will be automatically checked out.

File system integration
File system operations such as File->Rename... or File->Erase From Disk... will, where supported and required, perform any necessary version control operations automatically.

Reorganized compare menus

All compare menu items are now in the common File->Compare With-> main menu and Compare With-> context menu.

Compare viewer ignore whitespace option

you can now choose to ignore whitespace when comparing with the integrated compare viewer.

State overlay icons on folders

Previously, state overlay icons were not displayed properly on nodes representing folders (e.g. package nodes). Now, overlays are displayed correctly for all nodes representing a single file or folder.

State overlay icons for "composite" nodes

Certain nodes in the applications navigator, such as BC4J entity objects, represent more than one file. Most of these nodes list their constituent files in the structure pane when selected. We now display state overlay icons in the structure pane for the constituent files. We also display a new overlay in the applications navigator when a composite node represents files that are in multiple states.

Refresh States
a new menu item, "Refresh States" appears in the Versioning menu. You can click this to force JDeveloper to clear its cache of the state of files (e.g. whether they are checked out) and update all overlay icons in the navigator. In line with this new feature, JDeveloper will no longer automatically requery the state of all nodes when you switch from JDeveloper to another application and back; this results in significant performance improvements for some version control systems (in particular, ClearCase).



Uncommitted files window

A new, dynamically updated window displays a list of files that need to be committed. You can make the window visible using the Versioning->View Uncommitted Files menu item.

External tools macros

Five new macros are available in External Tools which can be used to integrate third party diff tools or cvs commands such as "annotate" which are not directly integrated into JDeveloper.

Module list

You can now obtain a list of available modules for local and pserver repositories in the Check Out wizard.

Connection browser

CVS pserver and local connections can now be expanded to see modules, folders and files in the repository.

Open revision

Historic CVS revisions can now be opened in a read-only code editor from the history viewer or from the connection browser

HTTP proxy support

If a CVS client is used that supports it (e.g. CVSNT), JDeveloper now supports pserver connections that tunnel through an HTTP proxy server. This makes it possible to access CVS repositories that are outside a corporate firewall.

Login on startup

For each CVS connection, you can now indicate whether to automatically log in when JDeveloper starts.

Remove on context menu

By popular request, Remove is now available on the Versioning-> context menu.



Checked out files window
A dynamic list of checked out files

Connect on startup
A new preference is that will cause JDeveloper to automatically connect to ClearCase on startup.

Operations on symlink folders
Operations such as check out are now available on symbolic link folders.


Oracle SCM

Add project wizard
easily add all files in a project to repository.

Access rights
you can now grant and revoke folder access rights from the repository connection navigator.

Performance improvement:
add operations are ~5 times faster than preview.

Checked out files window
dynamic list of checked out files.

Delete workarea
workareas can be deleted from the repository connection navigator.

Repository version information in Help->About
you can now see the version of repository you're currently connected to in the About JDeveloper dialog.

Change workarea check in branch
you can now change the default check in branch for a workarea from the Edit Workarea dialog.

New "conflicts" status overlay

When you end a private branch and some of the merged files have conflicts, they are now shown with a new conflict status overlay icon in the navigator. Previously, conflicts couldn't be distinguished from other checked out files.
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