Team System Versioning Support for JDeveloper

With this extension, JDeveloper users can access Microsoft Visual Studio Team System workspaces and perform versioning actions on files from within JDeveloper. For example, from JDeveloper, you can add files to source control, check files out and in, and view the history of changes to a file. You can also shelve and unshelve files and generate and apply patches. 

Installing the Team System VCS Extension

  1. Select Help > Check for Updates.
  2. Select the Official Oracle Updates and Extensions update center and click Next.
  3. Locate and select the Team System VCS Extension in the list and click Next.
    • Note: The Team System VCS Extension requires an updates version of the VCS Framework Extension. When using the Check For Updates feature, the required VCS Extension should also be selected for you. If you are installing the extension bundles manually, please note that you will need to install the VCS Framework Extension manually before installing the Team System VCS Extension.
  4. If prompted enter your Oracle Web account (OTN) user name and password.
  5. When the download completes, click Finish
  6. Click Yes to restart JDeveloper.

Getting Help

The Team System VCS Extension adds relevant content to the JDeveloper Help System. This help describes how to prepare Team System for use with JDeveloper and how to configure JDeveloper for Team System. After installing the extension, choose Help > Table of Contents, then select the Using Team System With JDeveloper topic from the Versioning heading. 

Known Issues

The Pending Changes window does not work properly with this extension. To enable the Pending Changes window, please download the Pending Changes patch and place it in <JDEV_INSTALL>\jdev\lib\patches and restart JDeveloper. 

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