Oracle UIX 2.2 Migration Tool



The Oracle UIX 2.2 Migration Tool allows you to migrate a project built using Oracle ADF UIX to use Oracle ADF Faces.

ADF UIX is a framework which shipped with releases of JDeveloper 10g 10.1.2 and earlier. Applications built using UIX can be migrated to Oracle JDeveloper 10g Release 10.1.3 using the UIX to ADF Faces Migration Utility, which converts the application to use Oracle ADF Faces, a set of UI components based based on the JavaServer Faces (JSF) JSR 127 specification.

The UIX to ADF Faces Migration Utility is available from the Extensions Exchange on OTN (Oracle Technology Network ), or via JDeveloper's Check for Updates wizard.


Installing the migration utility

The extension is based on JDeveloper Studio Edition production version (SU2) or later. If you have not already done so, download and install JDeveloper 10.1.3 (Studio download) from Oracle Technology Network (OTN) at If you already have installed JDeveloper 10.1.3, you must also install JDeveloper Service Update 2 or later, which is available from the same site.

The extension is available via the official Oracle update center. You install updates using the Check for Updates feature available from the Help menu:

JDeveloper Check For Updates

Using the Check for Updates wizard, search the Official Oracle Extensions and Updates center:

Choose the 'Official Oracle Extensions...' center

Locate and select the UIX 2.2 to ADF Faces Migration entry.  

Check for Updates wizard page 2

Proceed to the download stage:

Downloading using the update center

After downloading the updates, you will see a summary page similar to:

Download Summary

On completion of this wizard, you may be offered to automatically restart JDeveloper:

Restart JDeveloper

Choose "Yes". JDeveloper closes and restarts.

Getting started

For information on how to proceed, refer to the readme, which is installed by default to < jdev_install>/jdev/doc/extension/uixmig/readme/readme.html and the Oracle UIX 2.2 Migration Tool Reference, which is installed by default to < jdev_install>/jdev/doc/extension/uixmig/uixmigguidedoc.html , where < jdev_install> is the directory into which you installed JDeveloper.

Once you have installed the migration utility, additional information about running the UIX to ADF Faces Migration Utility is available from the online help topics in the section Migrating UIX to ADF Faces, which appears in the Contents list of the online help in JDeveloper.


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