Building and Extending E-Business Applications at iSpeed
Using Oracle Designer and the Oracle iDevelopment Accelerators

Oracle Consulting has bundled its worldwide experience in building applications and extending the Oracle E-Business Suite using Oracle Designer into the  Oracle iDevelopment Accelerators. This experience-in-a-box is now available for you as well. If you want to obtain the Oracle iDevelopment Accelerators please contact your local Oracle Consulting representative.

Oracle iDevelopment Accelerators include the following components:

CDM Advantage 2.0
Custom Development Method (CDM) Advantage is a proven, structured method for developing business solutions using Oracle technology. It is a web-deployed toolkit for planning, executing and controlling Custom Development projects. New components of release 2.0 include CDM Fast Track, Oracle's DSDM compliant Rapid Application Development Method.
Headstart Oracle Designer
The ultimate productivity suite for Oracle Designer, Headstart Oracle Designer is based on Oracle Consulting best practices. It consists of a template package and utilities that boost productivity. It now also includes CDM RuleFrame a powerful framework for the implementation of business rules. 
Oracle Designer Web Assistant
Oracle Designer Web Assistant enables you to approach your system documentation stored in the Oracle Designer 6i Repository on the Web. You can either use the search, the object browser or a wide set of predefined reports. In addition it offers you a project collaboration environment where project staff can upload, check in, check out and download all project documentation in and out of the Oracle Repository through a standard browser, without having to install or know about Oracle Designer.
Headstart for Oracle Apps 11i
To gain a competitive advantage you may decide to extend the Oracle E-Business Suite with your own applications so you can offer your customers better service or work more efficient. With the use of Oracle Designer and Headstart for Oracle Apps 11i you can rapidly develop.


The iDevelopment Accelerator Suite comes with an optional supplement option. This is a yearly subscription to a supplement option website where new point releases, patches, productivity boosters, technical bulletins, software configuration manager add-ons and other best practices are available. This website is only available for customers that have acquired the supplement option.

For more information on the future developments of the iDevelopment Accelerators read the Statement of Direction.

For more information, please contact your local Oracle Consulting representative at 1-888-283-0591 or via email.