Oracle JHeadstart 10g for ADF

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Installation Guide


February 2005



Oracle JHeadstart 10g Release has been certified with the following products:

Other versions of these products may be compatible, but have not been tested.


  1. Unzip (using folder names) to a folder of your choice, for example C:\JHeadstart (in the next steps referred to as <JHeadstartHome>).
  2. Find out in which folder JDeveloper 10.1.2 is installed (in the next steps referred to as <JDeveloperHome>).
  3. In <JHeadstartHome>\config\jdevaddins you will find a number of JAR files, which need to be installed as plug-ins for JDeveloper. Create a new directory <JDeveloper_Home>\jdev\lib\ext\ jheadstart and copy the JAR files to that directory: You have now extended the JDeveloper 10g IDE with JHeadstart-specific functionality!
  4. If you want to be able to use JHeadstart Designer Generator: in <JHeadstartHome>\config\jdevaddins you will also find a file named migration.xml. This file must be copied to the system directory of JDeveloper, for example: <JDeveloperHome>\jdev\system10. On Linux this directory is in the home directory of the user that is running JDeveloper: $HOME/jdevhome/system10. The exact name of this directory depends on the build number of JDeveloper.
  5. As the last step, we have to tell the plug-ins where the JHeadstart Home is. Start JDeveloper 10.1.2, go to the menu option Tools - Preferences, select the category "JHeadstart Settings" and enter the JHeadstart Home. It should report a valid JHeadstart Home and show the version and build number.

Getting Started

Chapter 2 of the JHeadstart Developer's Guide explains how to get started with JDeveloper and how to create your own demo application. The JHeadstart Documentation Index has pointers to various other sources of information.

Here you can find a very short summary, for experienced JHeadstart/ADF users.

Upgrading from Previous Releases

See the Migration Guide for instructions on how to upgrade existing JHeadstart applications to this release of Oracle JHeadstart 10g for ADF.

Known Issues

See the Release Notes for all known bugs and issues with this release of Oracle JHeadstart 10g for ADF.