Oracle Mobile Application Framework Release Notes


 List of Known Issues

  Bug Number Description Platform Workaround
1 18978548 Logout functionality is not redirecting the flow to the login page Both  
2 18891457 Link in primary facet prevents the content of secondary facet from getting displayed on Android devices with smaller screens running 4.0.x Android Use a button rather than a link in the primary facet
3 18890438 Within a 'OAuth' connection, if the 'Grant Type' is being set to 'Resource Owner Credentials', the logout functionality does not redirect to the default login page. It redirects it to a browser based login page. Both Do not set any Logout URL if external browser logout is not needed
4 18856665 MAF currently does not differentiate between AppIcon and AppDrawer icon Android A good approximation of the native functionality can be achieve using a custom style sheet. Refer to the custom.css used in most of the public samples.
5 18829076 If a listView is not height-constrained within a fragment, the REST DC endlessly fetches more data Both When a listView component is not the only child of panelPage component, height must be specified on it. In such a case, the fragment parent must have the height specified as well. That will ensure that the fragment stretches along with the listView . 
6 18827116 Missing image files on migrated app iOS 1. Perform "Build -> Clean All" after updating to the new version of MAF extension.  This is required due to changes in the deployed XCode project related to relocation of several deployed *.png files. .
2. Review iOS image file customizations to ensure they are correct.
7 18811860 SetPropertyListener as a child of NBox Marker component is ignored Both  
8 18686116 Within the CompGallery sample application, the Popup slide animations don't work on Android tablets Android  
9 18672809 Sliding window intermittently throws an exception in activate() method Both Make the activate() method try/catch Throwable
10 18639410 File reference in an amx:fragment only supports absolutely url and does not support relative url Both Update file references to absolute, or change them to be relative to the current file (not the public_html folder)
11 18617896 GBK character encoding for XML pages causes errors in the MAF application Both Change the encoding to UTF8/16 for multi-byte locales
12 18606147 Geographic MAP does not render on Arabic locale on MAF applications Both Switch to a different feature and then back
13 18460787 Certain MAF applications cause migration errors as listed below.
Error: Unable to copy to output directory,
 ../ApplicationController/src/META-INF/adfmf-skins.xml not found
 Error: Unable to copy to output directory,
../ApplicationController/src/META-INF/adfmf-feature.xml not found
Both 1) Perform a Build | Clean All on the workspace.
2) Exit JDeveloper
3) Delete the .data directory in the workspace (via filesystem)
4) Restart Jdeveloper
5) Deploy the application
14 18368776 If the Runtime encounters an invalid dividerAttribute within the listView component, the resulting error message is difficult to understand and not intuitive. Both  
15 18812478 By default all Device Access is disabled, including Network access. Developers should be aware that all MAF apps will typically require Network access, so this should be enabled. Since Network access cannot be disabled on iOS, it is particularly important for developers to test their apps on Android to ensure network access has been enabled. Android Enable network access and tested on both Android and iOS platforms.
16 17536615 Feature life cycle listener will not have access to Named beans in the start and activate methods.  Users should be redirected to using either a taskflow's methodEvent, or using a direct java class (possibly with singleton objects) to access the java properties and functionality they're trying to use.  Both Feature lifecycle listener will not have access to Named beans in the start and activate methods.  Users should use either a taskflow's methodEvent, or a direct java class (possibly with singleton objects) to access the java properties and functionality they're trying to use.
17 17778454 If a feature archive is attached as a project, it does not generate a deployment profile for it Both Option 1)  Add the Config Service FAR as a library from the resource palette.
Option 2) Create a new Deploy Profile (FAR-type) on the created VC-project and then mark it to be included in the Application level Deploy Profile's Profile Node.
18 18225351 Navigation bar toggle button does not show up Both Uncheck the box and check it again, causing the following to be added to the maf-application.xml file:
<adfmf:navigationBar displayHideShowNavigationBarControl="true"/>
19 18184880 Currently, the Intel HAXM download for Windows 8.X and Mac OSX 10.9.X requires a hotfix to be installed otherwise the PC/MAC will lock up and lose all work.  Both Refer to section "Configuring AVD for Intel HAXM" in the MAF Developer Guide for instructions on how to install the hotfix
20 16570830 When making use of the flip animation between pages, the source page rotates and remains displayed behind the destination page momentarily. Android  
21 18124766 Within the adfmf-feature.xml, if you map a taskflow to a feature in the Content tab, and if the taskflow has a parameter (Optional or Required), the
feature never loads. It just shows the loading indicator. 
Both Make sure that the taskflows which are being used within the Content section do not contain any input parameters (Optional or Required)
22 17753794 Error on deploying MAF app to iTunes iOS Wait 20s and try again
23 18992014 When using a Cordova plugin that relies on Android native code libraries (.so files), JDeveloper does not write these .so files into the generated apk file Android Add the required .so files into the file the /jdeveloper/jdev/extensions/oracle.maf/Android/ folder of your JDeveloper installation.  The required .so files should be added to the framework/Android/build/java_res/assets folder within the .zip file.
24 18824637 ListView scrolls back to the beginning of the list when new data is loaded from the server Both Bind the listView to a Collection Model rather than a POJO/mBean and ensure that the UI fetch size matches the server page size
25 19150550 JDeveloper deployment fails when trying to run "zipalign" if using Android SDK Tools version 23 Android Copy or symlink "zipalign" from its location under /build-tools to the /sdk/tools directory, or revert to using SDK Tools version 22

Migrating Oracle ADF Mobile Applications to Oracle Mobile Application Framework

The following migration steps are required to migrate Oracle ADF Mobile Apps to Oracle Mobile Application Framework

    Description Migration Steps
1. All Oracle ADF Mobile  applications Application migration Developers are recommended to open the ADF Mobile applications in JDeveloper 12.13 with Oracle MAF extension to migrate the applications. JDeveloper will migrate the applications automatically.
2.  Oracle ADF Mobile applications which use Configuration Service from 1.1  Manual migratrion Oracle ADF Mobile applications which use ConfigurationService shall see a warning during the migration. The warning shall indicate that developers will have to follow certain manual steps to migrate the code related to configuration service . Developers are recommended to follow the ConfigurationService sample application which is part of the PublicSamples.