Oracle REST Data Services


Oracle REST Data Services


Oracle REST Data Services (formerly known as Oracle APEX Listener) provides several key capabilities for the Oracle Database. REST Data Services accepts RESTful Web Service call URIs and directs them to the appropriate SQL statement or PL/SQL block. REST Data Services marshals data returned from SQL statements into JSON or .csv format and also redirects calls to Application Express applications to the Application Express run-time engine.


ORDS 2.0 Production

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ORDS 3.0 Early Adopter 2

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Standard Configuration

The standard Oracle REST Data Services configuration is applicable for the majority of installations for local systems or multi-tenant private clouds where there is no requirement to handle requests from outside a firewall. Oracle REST Data Services is installed onto a J2EE compliant Web Server and the users are provided the appropriate link directly to that service.

Advanced Configuration

For public systems or hosted environments it is important that the Oracle REST Data Services is installed inside of the firewall, and the HTTP listener is installed outside of the firewall. The requests are sent to the external Web server and passed through the firewall to the REST Data Services.