Oracle SQL Developer: Check for Updates

Updated: Mar 2010

Oracle SQL Developer provides a Check for Updates facility. Check for Updates is available for installing third-party extensions and to install third party database drivers. This facility will also alert you of new releases available for download. You can use the Check for Updates facility to download the full new release. You may either be prompted with "Updates Available" or you can manually invoke Check for Updates using the Help menu. In either situation, you are directed to the full download site.You should download the latest zip file and unzip this in an empty folder. Ensure the "Use folder names" checkbox is checked when unzipping the file.

To use Check for Updates, start SQL Developer and select Help -> Check for Updates

Installing Third Party Drivers or Third Party Extensions

Check For Updates is available to install third-party drivers or extensions. Follow the wizard as follows:

  • Start SQL Developer 2.1.x
  • Select Help -> Check for Updates
  • Follow the Check for Updates Wizard. Select required drivers or third party extensions
  • When prompted, restart SQL Developer
  • There is no need to select "Migrate User Settings" dialog as the connections and settings are preserved.

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