Oracle SQL Developer 2.1: New Feature List

Date: Sept 2009

This document provides a list of many of the new features available in Oracle SQL Developer 2.1. For all SQL Developer features see the Feature List.

Table of Contents

  1. About
  2. Architecture
  3. Database Connections
  4. Connection Navigator
  5. SQL Worksheet
  6. SQL and PL/SQL Editing
  7. Exporting and Importing
  8. Reporting
  9. Migrations and Third Party Database support
  10. Preferences
  11. Version Control
  12. Data Modeling
  13. Unit Testing
  14. SQL*Plus Support
Area Feature Description
1. About Download Site OTN
  Cost FREE
  Oracle Support Available through Metalink for customers with a Database Support contract

2. Architecture and General Structure

Architecture Java IDE
  Installation Footprint - 94M (without JDK)
    Dependencies on JDK - min JDK 1.6 update11
3.  Database Connections Schema Filter Connection level filtering
  Advanced Object Filtering Depending on the object type selected, extended filtering includes the ability to include/exclude AQs, generated objects, materialized views.
  Connections Proxy connections - Updated support. Password not mandatory for proxy user
    Kerberos support extended for thick and thin JDBC driver
    Create local connections
  Third Party Access Read-only connections to browse objects and data:
  - DB2 UDB
4.  Connections Navigator Browse Objects Allow sorting, hide and show through column headings
  Database Object Search

Merged Extended Search dialog into DB Object search. This allows for searching for objects in code, such as parameters, declaration and usage in one search dialog

  Tables Sub-partitions displayed as detail records

Table Data
  -Table Data Grid Edit
  - Find/ Highlight records
  - save grid query as a report

  Packages, Procedures, Functions PLSQL code opens in edit mode
  Java Updated to support additional editing support. Java objects now supported include CLASS, RESOURCE and SOURCE
  Jobs Browsing
  Editions Oracle 11gR2 Edition support
  General Data Grids Save SQL from grid as a Report
    Find/Highlight records
    Manage Columns (Show/Hide)
    Filter data on column values
    Multiple column sort
  Generate DB Doc You can now generate DB Doc based on object type filter and order
  XML Types XML Type tables are visible in the Connections navigator
XML Type columns data can be edited in Data tab
5.  SQL Worksheet Snippets and Templates Available in Code Insight
  SQL Worksheet Execute statement to multiple data grids
    Dockable SQL History
    Dockable DBMS Output window
    Dockable OWA output window
    Code Templates for frequently used code. Create these in Preferences, then through key stroke, in Code Editors and SQL Worksheet, import code template . ctrl+shift+T) and through code insight
    Refactor code, see context menu on SQL Worksheet or Code Editors
    Task Progress

6. SQL and PL/SQL Editing

Refactor Surround with FOR, WHILE, or PL/SQL Block
    Quick outline
7. Exporting and Importing Import Data Import data to create normal table, now includes creating external and SQL*Loader tables.
8.  Reporting User Defined Reports Create report based off any query from data grids
9. Migrations and Third Party Database Support Third Party Browsing DB2 UDB
10.  Preferences Accelerator Keys Redesigned, now called Shortcut Keys. More Actions... supports the reload of factory settings.
  SQL Formatter Increase formatting support
    Show changes in template code
11.  Version Control   Integration with CVS and Subversion
    Perforce (Using Check for Updates)
    Serena Dimensions (Using Check for Updates)
12.  Data Modeler Viewer   Free Model Viewer extension
    Open SQL Developer Data Modeler Models
    Visualize tables and views on a Data Modeler model
    View all model properties
13.  Unit Testing   Create and update tests
    Add tests to suites
    Run test reports

Manage lookups

    Manage a library of startups and teardowns