Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.5: New Features


Updated: 09 June 2008

Feature Area Feature
SQL Worksheet Updated code insight. Allows users to use code completion for a greater number of object types
  Replaced SQL Formatting. See SQL Formatter preferences to control white space, tabs, comma placement, case, new line etc.
  Code Templates for frequently used code. Create these in Preferences, then through key stroke, in Code Editors and SQL Worksheet, import code template . ctrl+shift+T)
  Code Templates are shareable : <user>/Application Data/Sql Developer/CodeTemplate.xml
  Flashback. For Oracle 11g, you can use flashback on your data. See the Flashback tab on Tables.
  Keystroke to change case. (This is also available on a context menu.) Keystroke case is ctrl-quote
  Refactor code, see context menu on SQL Worksheet or Code Editors
  Separate unshared worksheet for connections for long running queries. Use the keystroke ctrl+shift+N. This will create a separate, unshared worksheet. The unshared worksheets are labeled as follows: HR_ _1
  SQL History stores commands form F5 and F9 keystrokes. i.e Execute script or Execute statement. Note if you run @filename, this is what is stored in the History, not every command from the file .Keystroke ctrl-up and ctrl-down adds and scrolls through previously executed commands in the SQL Worksheet.
  Drag and Drop from Navigator to Worksheet for Insert, Update, Delete, Join and Select statements. Set preference.

Data Grid on tables retains Sort.

  Data Grid filter retains drop list of previous filter options

View Queues and Queue tables

  Load and view Java
  Extended Search dialog in addition to DB Object search. This allows for searching for objects in code, such as parameters, declaration and usage.
  Create table from xls spreadsheet import.
  Run Manage Database report (right-click for context menu on any connection with privileges, such as SYS or SYSTEM)
  Run Manage Database report ( as SYS) to shut down and restart database
  Generate DB Doc (right-click for context menu on connections) for all objects in a schema. Open the generated index.html file in a browser to review objects.
Schema copy

To copy contents of one schema to another

  Choices include drop objects, truncate and copy
  Preview report of actions to be executed
  Log report of results
Schema Diff

Compare and create SQL Difference statement between 2 schemas

  Select objects to compare
  Report of objects to be compared
  List of differences and SQL Code to be executed
  Run script output to SQL Worksheet to be executed against connection of choice.
Export Wizard Export of DDL and Data updated to a wizard
  Includes object grants
  Select data for export
  Include drop commands
  Choice of dependent or independent objects
  View report of export to be run
  Export script opened in SQL Worksheet to run against user of choice
Import Import from XLS and create new table
  Import from CSV
Tip of the Day If you have any tips, submit them on the SQL Exchange or Forum for inclusion in the product.
Connections Force the OCI/thick driver connection, using a preference
  Support for LDAP and Authenticated Enterprise users
  Proxy user connections
  OS Authentication
  Add connections to folders
Tuning Open *.trc file in SQL Developer for a formatted trace file.
Preferences Support for a startup file such as login.sql. Add file choice to preferences.
Reports Monitor Sessions report is also on the main Tools menu
  Manage Database report on the context menu of the connection in the navigator
  Revised Migration reports
  Add reports with gauges

ASH and AWR reports(Available for connections to Oracle 11g R1 and above, and for users licensed for the Oracle Diagnostic pack)

PL/SQL Hierarchical Profiler (Available for connections to Oracle 11g R1 and above)
Third Party Databases Includes Sybase Adaptive Server 12 and 15 migration support
  Times Ten extension integrated into SQL Developer
Version Control Support for CVS and Subversion
Files An additional node for browsing the file system is available. File extensions associated with SQL Developer can be opened from the File Browser
Migration Quick Migrate is now a wizard.