Oracle SQL Developer: What People are Saying...


Updated: May 2014

Oracle SQL Developer

Oracle SQL Developer 4.0 released in November 2013 is the latest major release of SQL Developer. SQL Developer  has had over 3.5 million downloads each year, showing true popularity among the user base. The following is a small collection of quotes gathered from those using the product.

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 SQL Developer Quotes

“For accessing the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database, Oracle SQL Developer delivers great enhancements over the previous version by providing a convenient interface for some basic administration tasks like statistics update, adding and removing users, and manipulating cache groups, synonyms, among other features. In addition, it’s a great tool for developers to test and compile their PL/SQL code.”

Krishnaswamy Balakrishnan
Manager Database Engineering
Barnes & Noble


“Oracle SQL Developer is great for us because it gives us the open API we need to create our own features, and it gives us a great market reach advantage because so many people use it. Oracle's standard channel for distributing our extension makes it very easy for our customers and us to do business together.”

Cary Millsap
Method R Corporation


“Following a recent demonstration of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0, I downloaded the product and pointed it at our Designer repository. I was delighted to see how easily I could extract an existing model and work with it in Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. I have also used it for some top-down design, and find it intuitive and user-friendly. Oracle SQL Data Modeler 3.0 has matured into a capable and powerful tool that I now consider an essential part of my database design and development toolkit.”

Andrew Davies
Data Architect
BAE Systems


“Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler 3.0 truly returns my data analysis investment. Specifically, the new transformation feature enables me to reuse all my metadata in new and powerful ways, allowing me to support both business managers with reporting such as natural language translations of my logical models and system developers with code generation such as table APIs managing surrogate keys and auditing.”

Marc de Oliveira
Business Analyst Architect
Teacher at Simplify Systems


“Every successful application starts with a strong data model. Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler not only provides a graphical way to develop data models, but an effective way to communicate existing data models to application developers.”

Mike Hichwa
Vice President of Software Development


“There are many data modeling tools available to the development community. The idea is to select one that does data models plus adds value to your products or organization. We've been using the early adopter release of Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler, and have found it feature rich and easy to use. Having taught data modeling to others for many years, most class time is spent learning a tool. It's just the opposite with Oracle SQL Developer Data Modeler. It's so intuitive to use that we can focus class time on the actual data model, its content and meaning, and not the 'how to' of the tool.”

Maggie Tompkins
Civilian Marine
United States Marine Corps


"The addition of PL/SQL Unit Testing sets Oracle SQL Developer apart from many other database development tools. We know virtually every Oracle Database customer uses PL/SQL, and having a robust unit testing framework will allow our customers to reduce cost and improve the quality of their releases."

Mike Hichwa
Vice President of Software Development


“Professional software development needs powerful tools. That’s the reason every developer in our company has their own memory-stick with a fully installed Oracle SQL Developer. In our business, we often work in environments where it is forbidden to install software on a customer computer. Here it is very important for us to have a tool that is accessible and which works instantly from a memory-stick. Oracle SQL Developer Release is a gorgeous toolset with a powerful new PL/SQL Unit Testing included, perfect for our consulting services.”

Gerd Volberg
Senior Architect


“Leveraging the mass popularity of Oracle SQL Developer, we are releasing our new Oracle Data Miner 11g Release 2. With Oracle Data Mining, the data, models and predictive analytics never leave the database enabling significantly more functionality, security, performance and scalability at a lower total cost of ownership. In addition, when used with Oracle Exadata, data mining models built with Oracle Data Miner are pushed to storage for execution, providing even better scalability.”

Cetin Ozbutun
Vice President
Data Warehouse, Oracle


"SQL Developer does it all. When you need a quick overview of a client database, you plug in your USB key with SQL Developer on and run it directly from the key. No need for install, no need for permissions or licenses. It saves a lot of work, when working on different hardware and different customers, and you need to browse the data dictionary."

- Jakob Hammer-Jakobsen
Miracle a/s


"We've given up all of our licenses for other tools. We simply don't need them anymore. Oracle SQL Developer does it all for us. We've saved a lot of money because it's free. It's also given our development staff a standard tool and they love it. It's made training and support easier.
Going to SQL Developer wasn't a management decision. Our developers picked it! SQL Developer is the latest release and it's become an important component of our development tools. "

- Maggie Tompkins
Civilian Marine with USMC
Long-standing ODTUG member


"Douglas County School District has been using Oracle SQL Developer for the past year. Particularly nice is the ability to have multiple database connections open at the same time and search across all data base objects. It is readily available, easy to install, free, much more robust than our old tool. And it just keeps getting better."

- Tony Golden
Programmer Analyst
Douglas County School District


"Oracle's SQL Developer with its integrated Migration Workbench is the perfect IDE for our SQL Server 2005 to Oracle migration process. We currently develop with SQL Server 2005 and for 80% of our customers we ship on Oracle"

- Karl Doerig
ABB Automation Printing


“At Network Solutions, the developers have moved from platform-specific, costly third-party tools to Oracle SQL Developer. The database access our developers need is mostly for stored procedure code and data browsing and SQL Developer fits the bill.”

- Dominic Delmolino
Director Database Engineering
Network Solutions


"Oracle SQL Developer is a tool that should be in every Oracle developer's toolkit. In addition to allowing you to do SQL and PL/SQL development, Oracle SQL Developer provides a laundry list of useful reports and a facility for creating your own user-defined reports. If you access an Oracle database on a regular basis, you owe it to yourself to download Oracle SQL Developer and try it out."

- Lewis Cunningham
Oracle Ace  


"Company-wide we use a broad range of platforms (J2EE, .NET ...) for the development of our Enterprise Software and the Oracle Database is de-facto standard DBMS. The zero cost of ownership and the high usability played a significant role in our decision to use the lightweight SQL Developer for the database development at the NDCC."

- Gabriel Lozano-Morán
Solution Architect
Microsoft .NET Development Competence Centre (NDCC)


"Database developers will love SQL Developer, Oracle's new graphical tool for creating and browsing database objects. With a few clicks you can easily create and debug stored procedures, and test SQL statements and view optimizer plans. SQL Developer is small, fast, and fun, and perhaps best of all, it's FREE!"

- Ken Jacobs
VP Product Strategy
Server Technologies Division


"This tool has the power of the command line, with all of the benefits of a graphical interface. No compromises."

- Tom Kyte