Oracle SQL Developer Release 1.5.3 - Release Notes

Date: December 2008


About this release

  1. Before you Start
  2. Once you have started
  3. Known Issues
  4. New Features in SQL Developer 1.5

About this release

SQL Developer 1.5.3 is our first translation release. In this release we are translated into Japanese and will add Spanish, Italian, German, French, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese and Korean in 1.5.4. In addition to the translations, a number of bugs have been fixed for this release. There has been no focus on new functionality. New features are included in SQL Developer 2.0, scheduled for release in 2009.

This release does contain support for Kerberos authentication and updates to the LDAP connection support.

NOTE: The SQL Worksheet is being rewritten for SQL Developer 2.0. As such many existing bugs and requests for the SQL Worksheet have been noted and should be addressed in the next release of SQL Developer, not in SQL Developer 1.5.3.

1.  Before you Start

  1. Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.3 is available for Windows (XP and Vista (including 64bit)), Linux or the Mac OS X.
  2. Installing or Upgrading:
    1. For SQL Developer releases prior to SQL Developer 1.5, this is a full installation. Download and unzip the file, into an empty folder. Ensure the "Use folder names" checkbox is checked when unzipping the file.
    2. For SQL Developer 1.5 or SQL Developer 1.5.1, use Check for Updates to update your existing SQL Developer 1.5.x installation. You should select all the SQL Developer files in the Check For Updates dialog.
  3. Migrating preferences and connections from previous releases. After you have installed the product you are asked if you want to migrate from a previous release. This migrates previously set preferences and connections created:
    1. To migrate your existing Release 1.2.1 connections, select Browse... on the dialog, navigate to and select the <sqldev 1.2.1 home>\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\system folder. In the future these system folder files are stored in the \Documents and Settings\<your_user>\Application Data\SQL Developer
    2. To migrate settings from SQL Developer 1.5.x, select Browse... on the dialog, navigate to and select the \Documents and Settings\<your_user>\Application Data\SQL Developer folder.
    3. If you are using Oracle SQL Developer 1.1.3 as part of the Oracle Database 11gR1 installation, navigate to [ORACLE_HOME] \product\11.1.0\db_1\sqldeveloper\sqldeveloper\system
  4. The SQL Developer 1.5.3 release is shipped with JDK1.5.0_06. You can use the embedded JDK or connect to a JDK you have installed. The minimum JDK you should use is 1.5.0_06. If you use JDK1.6 (JDK6.0), the minimum you should use is JDK1.6 Update 3. SQL Developer does not work with JDK 1.6 Update 1 and 2.
  5. It is recommended that when using SQL Developer on Windows Vista, that you use a minimum of JDK.1.6, as this improves screen repainting issues.
  6. In Oracle SQL Developer 1.5.3 your user-defined reports, SQL History and user-defined snippets files are located in the \Documents and Settings\<your_user>\Application Data\SQL Developer folder. These are also migrated.
  7. The JDBC drivers shipped are 11g R1. This means that users will no longer be able to connect to an Oracle 8.1.7 database.
  8. This release supports the Sybase 12 and Sybase 15 in addition to the current third party databases supported.
    • You will not see any third party tabs in the connections dialog until you have installed the drivers.
    • You can download and include the third-party database drivers manually. See the existing documentation for that on OTN. Alternatively y ou can use Check for Updates to setup these drivers.
    • Do not use the latest MySQL driver 5.1. Use the 5.0.x drivers for MySQL.
  9. Before you can use SQL Developer to connect to TimesTen:
    • Install TimesTen 7.0.3 or a later release of the server or client on the same machine as SQL Developer.
    • Make sure the CLASSPATH environment variable is pointing to the TimesTen JDBC driver (TimesTen_install_dir/lib/ttjdbc5.jar).
    • On Linux systems, execute the shell script TimesTen_install_dir/bin/ or TimesTen_install_dir/bin/ttenv.csh to set up the TimesTen environment before launching SQL Developer.
    • Read these more detailed release notes on TimesTen

2. Once you have Started

  • You are supported by Oracle Support under your current database Support license. Log SQL Developer bugs and issues using Metalink for the product Oracle SQL Developer.
  • You can discuss issues on the Oracle SQL Developer forum
    • Be sure to use clear subject lines to initiate a thread
    • Try to avoid using old, unrelated threads for a new issue.
  • There is a list of bugs fixed. You can also contact Oracle Support to request bugs are published.
  • Known issues in this release are listed below. This is not a complete list of known bugs, but some of the main issues that might impact you.
  • Features not yet supported in this release can be added to the Feature Requests section on the Oracle SQL Developer Exchange
  • Please review current certification status for platform and database certification queries.
  • TimesTen is included in SQL Developer 1.5.3. You will not see the TimesTen Connection node unless you have TimesTen installed and configured (see TimesTen section above).
  • Support for TimesTen In-Memory Database includes support for Oracle In-Memory Database Cache and TimesTen In-Memory Database Release 7.0.3 and later.
  • If you did not migrate your connections from a previous release, you can import them afterwards. Invoke the earlier release of SQL Developer, export the required connections and import them in the new release.

3. Known Issues

This list is not exhaustive, but consists of the higher priority issues trapped and reported. To find out the status of a bug or to log additional bugs, please contact Oracle Support through Metalink.


  • Tree nodes errors for user Flows
  • Multibyte words in application imported are garbled
  • Currency symbols incorrectly imported


  • Print data tab of table: entire data not printed
  • Functions not displaying return type
  • Performance in query builder when dragging first table onto page is poor
  • Update date in data grid, resets time details for date format without timestamp
  • MAC: "view files" should filter mac hidden files on the mac
  • Bind variable declared with variable command have case sensitive names
  • NLS preferences override the login trigger and session parameters
  • Timing and status message are wiped out on saving sql file
  • Format changes -- to /* -- instead of /* -- */
  • MAC: data tab's filter does not work well on mac
  • Closing unshared worksheet prompts for save twice
  • Unshared worksheet launch prompts inconsistently for password
  • Searching the Help shows "null" at the start of local doc results
  • Cannot see materialized views or synonyms in left-side Connections navigator
  • continues to build memory
  • SQL History displays only type of scripts and not sql
  • Database diff: diff dblink has some problem
  • Deadlock from worksheet
  • Doc Help window pops up when other dialogs invoked
  • Shutdown db option in sys conn -> 'manage db report' throws java error
  • SQL History: timestamp values are not localized
  • Usage list can't be found in extended search
  • Versioning > cvs ; new files not being displayed in the cvs connection
  • Retrieving the content of an xml document using pseudocolumn object_value


  • Many keywords not recognized in formatter
  • Formatter does not right align set, and/or and breaks in strange places.
  • Option to preserve blank lines between commands
  • Some formatter options cause replace and procedure name to be concatenated


  • Advanced Security Options for thin JDBC drivers are not supported
  • Expire password feature freezes on connect after change password dialog
  • Advanced connections aren't or can't be encrypted
  • Users in expired(grace) status not notified when connecting

Create or Modify Objects

  • Loading jar file issues
  • Can't edit java that has been loaded
  • Copy wizard drops connection
  • Copy wizard truncate from userA to userB results in a hang
  • MAC copy starts, doesn't end, error goes to java stack
  • Path for create directory in the directories node is incorrect
  • View dialog: SQL syntax is valid, however the query is invalid

SQL Worksheet and Data

  • Sort setting can't be changed if there is a failure
  • print on data grid, truncates header row


  • Refresh or reconnecting to a user after privilege change does not update user
  • No way to terminate an executing pl/sql procedure once started


  • Cursor data exported to html does not render properly
  • Table > export data get a "no columns" message dialog
  • Quotes in excel import do not work correctly


  • Migrate from sql server - data move fails with characters included & and '
  • Browsing sql server 2000 indexes panel does not work
  • Offline data move > ms access : data not migrated
  • Duplicate column name error reported on translated ms access query
  • Drop view in captured model, click refresh. click edit for that view, error displayed
  • Deeply nested statements take an exponential amount of time to translate
  • Migration generate script sometimes hangs due to migration log thread
  • MYSQL> offline datamove - run oracle_ctl got table does not exist error
  • Date format masks need to be consistently applied during the migration
  • Capture exception cannot sort a row of size 8096
  • Max cursors exceeded when migrating more than 1 database
  • SQL Server default "for" triggers should be converted to after trigger
  • MYSQL quick migration stopped in convert step


  • SQL Developer seems to "lose" some key assignments now and then
  • NLS preferences override the login trigger and session parameters


  • Order By date error in "daily ash statistics chart"


  • Commit and rollback behavior for TimesTen DDL and DML operations: Unlike the Oracle database, TimesTen does not implicitly commit DDL transactions. The user must explicitly commit the transactions by clicking the Commit button on the SQL Worksheet.
  • Enabling PassThrough can affect the SQL operations in the Connections navigator. Make sure this setting is reset to 0 when switching from PassThrough operations in the SQL Worksheet back to the Connections navigator.
  • DDL operations fail with when the Data tab is being viewed. Ensure that the data tab is not viewing the same table that you are performing DDL on.
  • You cannot create tables when the SYS.TABLES system table is being viewed in SQL Developer. Viewing the content of SYS.TABLES in the Data tab causes a lock to be placed. All CREATE TABLE statements will be blocked and may eventually time out because of this. The lock is released as soon as the focus of the Data tab is switched to another table. This is fixed in 7.0.5 and later release of the TimesTen In-Memory Database.
  • EXPORT DATA > insert generates Oracle-compatible SQL INSERT statements, depending on the underlying data type and the difference in support of literals. These may not be compatible with the TimesTen database.
  • EXPORT DATA > ttbulkcp generates an error when the action is performed inside the Data tab. Select this option from the Connections navigator.
  • The LIKE filter does not find an exact object match. The workaround is to use = instead of LIKE when defining the filter.

4. New Features in Oracle SQL Developer 1.5

For a comprehensive list of features please review the SQL Developer 1.5 Feature List