Oracle SQL Developer 3.0: Bugs Fixed


Date: March 2011

The list of bugs shown below is a list of issues fixed and enhancements implemented since SQL Developer 2.1.1 was released. This is not a complete list of issues and enhancements, but contains a selection of higher priority items, customer bugs reported and issues reported by the community on the OTN Forum.

Improving accessibility within the product is an ongoing process.
7251159 Cannot display XMLType data stored in al32utf8 database character set
8517175 Using AQ in name for any object in navigator, excludes object from list
9437610 Proxy connection cannot edit its tables graphically
9734466 Rename connection moves it out of the current folder
9844655 Table export DDL contains duplicates for index creation statements
10082343 SQL Developer not displaying package body for another user
11075247 Apply filter to exclude advanced queues does not work
10019644 Can't browse JAVA objects in Oracle 9.2 Database
10263302 Can't cancel long running procedure
10313057 Code completion inserts into the wrong place
10256766 Completion insight doesn't work first time for file based PL/SQL
10329501 Confusion in tab name holding PL/SQL code
Connect, Create and Modify
7363508 APEX app install with objects loads incorrectly
7495837 The path for create directory in the directories node is incorrect
9200166 Generate db doc > missing triggers for table
9883309 Error when using instant client 11.2
10011737 Create and edit user fails: user name not enclosed in quotation marks
10015768 Default directory name should be quoted
10326537 Cannot drop table with cascade option in Oracle 9.2 database
10357768 Incorrect user name for proxy connection
8992313 Data grid should persist the previously applied sort
9408853 Cannot create table with BLOB object
9722921 Cannot insert data into BLOB/BFile/XMLType column
10237996 Data tab filter history not persisted
10385364 Loading file in blob edit dialog clears the file content
10043380 Tables with the same name in two databases displays same data for new data tab
The DBA navigator is a new feature in the product. Feedback received during the early adopters cycle has been logged and addressed for production.
8721329 Cannot add or edit a breakpoint
9111004 Watches window is unable to view array elements when using variables
10235463 Wrong connection used in PL/SQL editor
11066223 Cannot terminate debugging for a procedure.
Export and Import
6086679 Provide preferences to control SQL *Loader file
8315903 Auto-map fields on excel import
8315917 Provide more options in export data as text
8315944 Allow DDL generation into separate files
8316013 Export data preferences, show select option, accelerator
8316060 Provide more advanced flat file import
8316245 Database export should include drop statement with "cascade constraints"
9022960 Export data is missing quote for Varchar datatype in type
9179058 Export of large query blocks access to other tables in connection
9271461 Export error says there are no available tables for export, with error "We do not currently support CLOB or Blob columns", where there were none
9481960 Export excludes AQ
9767782 SQL array fetch size too low when exporting data throws ora-00942
9801075 No valid columns available for export, we currently do not support blob or lob
9851621 Two exports to CSV at the same time are interfering and give an exception
10069499 SQL Developer "Database Export" does not export foreign keys when tables exported using SYS or system
10261216 Quick DDL, save to clipboard removed
7243684 Provide SQL Tuning
7243759 XMLType data should be editable
7243765 Should be able to create user like
7348618 Each new connection increases memory
7381114 Russian characters corrupt when inserted into the database
8315702 Provide SQL optimization
8315725 Provide drop table purge
8315734 Provide SQL Formatter option: list items per line
8315759 Provide a Roles node
8315761 Need to get compiler errors when compiling file into database
8315790 Graphically define joins - inner, outer, right, let
8315901 Filter users on query builder
8315927 Use and show mdsys.sdo_geometry data
8316067 Allow for multiple "connections" windows
8316077 Provide schema generation
8316230 SQL Formatter should allow for additional blank lines
8316238 Should be able to view and edit tablespaces in Oracle database
8391740 Add a DBA navigator to handle DBA tasks
8755723 Want to be able to copy column name to clipboard [Use ctrl+H]
8905122 SQL*Plus does not connect when started from external tools
9157555 Select is limited to fetch batch on query result panel
9434457 Offer the ability to run migration from command line
9434460 Provide tablespace information under connection tree node
9434464 Display role node in connections view and in other users
9434478 Improve import data capabilities
9434483 Overwrite existing file warning when exporting data
9434498 Provide support for ref cursor and user types in unit test
9434502 Provide the ability to clear previous results in unit testing
9434508 Provide DBA features
9496141 Wrong group by used in code completion
9835935 Extension SDK implementation in SQL Developer 2.1.x. issue with method getobject
9062844 DBMS_OUTPUT is not available for new session ('cloned' connection)
10624269 SQL History: Migrate setting from 2.1 to 3.0 with big SQL History fails
10385605 SQL Developer hangs when browsing master-child grid
10188892 Missing 'filter' in Other Users -> Schema name 
10311772 Copying grid cell not working in objectviewer's master-child grids
10401343 Elapsed time is not the same in SQL Worksheet and the script results tab
10235485 Cannot save a procedure or function to Export DDL
9322843 Teradata: default values for columns are not migrated
9344239 User defined defaults and rules not being captured or converted
9597152 Underscores not removed in a converted create view statement using an alias
9724560 DB2 to Oracle data migration stops without error
9838510 MYSQL: Cannot capture MYSQL tables with multi-byte name
10400011 Migration wizard freezes in step 1 after clicking "next" button
10638943 Variable declaration not converted if unary operator in parameter default
PL/SQL Editing
5528435 Better support for displaying output of ref cursors
8316237 Show package members in editor window
9434511 Provide the ability to switch between edit and read-only PL/SQL packages and procedures
10206849 Debugging anonymous block broken
10206833 PL/SQL autocompletion failures
10211019 Issues running PL/SQL with certain arguments
10257342 Missing double quotes by default on PL/SQL block when runing PL/SQL
10205843 PLS-00172 error on package recompile, package specification with success, but body fails 
Query Builder
The Query Builder has been completely replaced in SQL Developer 3.0. The new Query Builder addresses many of the bugs and requests logged against the previous implementation. Feedback received during the early adopters cycle has been noted.
5638685 Not possible to create self join using query builder
6070139 Query builder does not support duplicate tables
7450979 Can't enter date for Query Builder when creating where clause
8315786 Need to be able to drag drop multiple instances of the same table onto page
The DBMS Scheduler is a new feature in the product. Feedback received during the early adopters cycle has been logged and addressed for production.
9201348 Opening a 2MB trace file freezes SQL Developer
10069665 No response for show SQL details in Monitor SQL
Providing full translations of the product is part of the development process. There are ongoing updates to ensure the product is fully translated.
Unit Testing
9556671 Incorrect test result of function returning Boolean when using command line
9776703 Missing index in Unit Test repository
10066522 Need multiple startup/teardown results
10215308 Teardowns not executed when test suite run from command line
10636045 Validation error for null parameter value
Version Control
9285693 SQL Developer removes the stored password in Subversion application data
7112520 Describe not working with lower case i in Turkish environment
8731591 ora-14551 not issued during query from pipelined function with DML
9084878 File-> Save As for temporary worksheet does not set the connection on new worksheet
9202042 Binds found since q'{ syntax does not get picked up.
9745913 Set autocommit off command has lower priority to the setting in preference
9201149 Describe Type shows all definitions across multiple schemas
9437223 Size needs to be adjusted every time you use popup describe
9205563 Statement output tab needs the dancing icon and progress bar
9790978 SQL Developer fails to show ora-02091 and ora-02291
10425327 Database search for materialized view gives random results
10301498 SQL History doesn't work in second instance of SQL Developer
10246524 SQL Developer treats "rollback to savepoint_name" as "rollback"
10187321 Commit changes dialog box even when auto commit is set
10354235 SQL Developer hangs on opening SQL History and cause high memory consumption
10351088 History sort on timestamp not working due to two different formats
10012489 Group By rewrite produces incorrect SQL