Oracle SQL Developer 3.0: Known Issues


Date: March 2011

The following is a subset of the known issues. This list is not exhaustive, but contains some
issues raised on the forums and by users and some of the higher priority issues.

  • Browser
    9851325 Newly created packaged function is not visible in another SQL Developer session
    10338213 NLS: Multi-byte characters not displayed correctly for BLOB
  • DBA Navigator
    10260794 Create Tablespace: Cannot specify file extension for datafile name
  • Data Diff
     General issues surrounding the Database Diff to be addressed on the next release
  • Export and Import
    10106717 NLS (Chinese): Multi-byte words missing in an exported PDF file
  • General
    9761804 DDL cannot be generated for tables that use the Securefile option
    10056611 Cannot create a public database link under public database link node
    11652004 Schema Browser: Add New button for public database links not work
  • Migration
    11059624 Temp table varchar not converted to CLOB if 4000
    7396275 SQL Server default "for" triggers should be converted to after triggers
    10238099 DB2: Cannot migrate objects with multi-byte name in offline mode
    8542250 Create unique index is redundant, Oracle creates an index for Unique Constraint automatically, so error is thrown
    11059629 Index with more than 32 columns not captured
    11060120 System tables should be flagged as limitations if unresolved
    10337867 DB2 Version 8: Foreign Key not captured
  • Modeler
    11932333 File > Data Modeler > Print diagram to PDF file doesn't work.
  • PL/SQL Editing
    6165182 Unable to terminate an executing PL/SQL procedure once started
    11741943 Breakpoint ignored when debugging package
  • SQL Formatter
    9215563 Tables moved to new line incorrectly
    7013462 Many keywords not recognized in formatter
    7040400 Formatter does not right align SET, or AND/OR and breaks incorrect for parentheses
  • Translations
    Oracle SQL Developer is translated into 9 different languages. The two latest extensions, Data Miner and Data Modeler have not yet been translated. This means that in some locales, you'll see some locale specifc menus (IDE for SQL Developer), and English for any Data Miner or Data Modeler specific menus.
  • Unit Testing
    9081234 Invalid syntax generated for xyz%rowtype PL/SQL record parameter
  • Worksheet
    9203385 Wrap selection entry not enabled in worksheet
    11888488 memory errors raised for large files in excess of 1GB