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OLAP cube creation

To design target data structures as dimensions in cubes in Warehouse Builder is very beneficial. Not only would relational queries benefit; Warehouse Builder also enables you to deploy to a multi-dimensional database: Oracle OLAP server. This component teaches you all about the integration.
Level: Intermediate
Coverage: Versions 9.2, 10g (version 9.0.4 was never verified)
Publication: Online and hands-on
Intended audience: Users who want to know how to create a multi dimensional cube using Warehouse Builder.
Users who consider taking advantage of the advanced analytics on Oracle OLAP.
 Know the prerequirsites to build a cube from Warehouse Builder.
 Understand the process of what happens during the cube creation.
 Be able to build a cube based on a multi-dimensional design in Warehouse Builder.
 Know about multi-dimensional modeling.
 Know Warehouse Builder's multi-dimensional modeling capabilities.
Traditionally Warehouse Builder supports relational deployment of dimensional structures. As of version 9.2 you can also deploy into a multi dimensional engine: Oracle OLAP server. The materials below teach you how to do this.
Estimated Duration (h) Delivery
 Watch the Integrated OLAP demo using Warehouse Builder viewlet online
9.2 / 10g
March 2004
 Read the Use Oracle Warehouse Builder to Build your OLAP-ready Data Warehouse whitepaper
9.2 / 10g
March 2004
 Enroll in and go through the Oracle9i Warehouse Builder: Perform OLAP Integration e-class *
9.2 / 10g
March 2004
 Go through Demo 8 - OLAP Integration - in the hands-on demo**
9.2 / 10g
March 2004
 Read the section Enabling OLAP with Warehouse Builder in chapter 22 - Integrating Warehouse Builder Metadata with Other BI Products - of the Warehouse Builder User's Guide.
9.2 / 10g
March 2004

* Note: to enroll in this class requires access to the iLearning Online Library may come at a cost.
** Note: you may want to go through the OWB self-service education - installation session on how to setup Warehouse Builder.
*** Note: excluding setup, included in the demo document.

Legend:  = recorded,  = online,    = paper,   = hands-on
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