Defect fixes for Forms & Reports version

05-March -2003


Defect # Subject Status
1132794 Sound Item not Working 80
1617429 ORA-932 when Querying a Block Based on From-Clause-Query with Clob Column 80
1651883 Cannot Cut/Copy/Paste with the Mouse During the Runtime Execution of a Form 80
1763109 Current_Record_Attribute Reset when Navigate to New Canvas 80
1781344 Values in Global Pl/Sql Variables Are not Retained 80
1974599 Alert Button Uses Background Color of the Alert Window 80
2063694 Apps6:Webforms:NLS: FRM-50006 Includes Wave Dash (Unicode \301c) 80
2402454 Jinit 1.3:Printed Forms Are Truncated on Right 80
2455322 Character Mode: Blanks Printed as Underscores 80
2459536 Viewport Y Position on Stacked Canvas is not Used Correctly on Web 80
2485825 Tiff Images Are not Displayed Properly 80
2517022 Forms Converts Object Names to Uppercase Before Sending Them to the Database 80
2541740 FRM-92101 After Multiple Call_Forms Using Display Item with Newline Characters 80
2551337 Mulitirecord Block Minimized+Mazimized: When-New-Record-Instance Does not Fire 80
2553804 Apps6: ADA: Need to Modify Cursor Blink Rate or Disable Blinking Entirely 80
2596974 Call_Form is No Longer Modal with Tree Node 80
2625893 Backport Bug 814872 to Forms 6.0.8.X 80
2632433 Apps6: Using Date Lov W/ Explicit Forms60_User_Date_Format Setting Causes Crash 80
2637005 Set_Window_Property Ignores Values Greater Than Screen Height 80


Defect # Subject Status
RW_SERVER_QUEUE Hangs When BATCH=YES, ENGLIFE=LOW and High Number of Concurrent Requests 80
2266999 Report Server Core Dumps on Rwcgi60 and Rwmts60 80
Push Immediate Run Job Output to Portal 80
Return Appropriate Error Message If Cannot Push Report to Portal 80
2366611 Unable to Print A3 Report Using Default.Ppd and Datap462.Ppd 80
2485132 Performance / Memory Leak when Generating to a Postscript File in Reports 6i 80
2656234 Output File in Upper Case If Reports6i_Override_Filegenxml Used 80

Bugs fixed in the previous patchset