Defect fixes for Forms & Reports version

04-June -2003


Defect # Subject Status
1604743 Mouse Triggers Do not Fire for Right Mouse Click 80
2483220 Changing Text Length and Running Without Compiling Causes Dump Upon Adding Text 90
2535034 Moving the Scrollbar to the Bottom Does not Show the Last Record 80
2544406 Different Behaviour of Get_Tree_Selection in C/S and Web 80
2622672 Apps6:Jinit Uses Ip Instead of Host Name Under Https Through Proxy 80
2626045 Combo Box Drop Down List Does not Work with One Item in List in Webforms 80
2632433 Apps6: Using Date Lov W/ Explicit Forms60_User_Date_Format Setting Causes Crash 80
2641021 Select_All Fails for Character Mode Forms 80
2664924 Backport Bug 2638829 to Forms 6.0.8.X 80
2683357 Keyboard Navigation to Hierarchical Tree Item Loses Focus 80
2687098 Show Keys and List of Values Produces a Messy Screen in Character Mode 80
2689855 Rtl Field with Numbers and Hebrew Characters is Truncated 93
2709431 Menu Tooltip Overwrites the Messages in the Status Line 80


Defect # Subject Status
2065402 Core Dump from Rwrun60 Creating an Rtf File from a Report with Graphics O 80
2832191 Patch 13 Disables Margins in Printer "Page Set Up" Dialog Box 80