Defect fixes for Forms & Reports version

26-August -2003


Defect # Subject Status
644583 Autoskip Does not Work the Second Time in Enter-Query-Mode Ofmpe0499 80
993571 Item Name is Used Instead of Column Name in Case-Insensitive Query Ofm0999 80
1132439 Default Editor Does not Recognize Case Restriction 80
1355692 First Char Typed in Single Item on Multi-Rec Block & Colored Canvas is not Shown 80
1651421 Dml Returning Value Property with Oracle Rls Policy Returns Junk in Form 80
1862331 Unable to Use the Left and Right Key to Navigate Between Button in an Alert 80
1893882 Text Item Right Justification Fails on Web 80
2245008 ORA-600 [Koksaatc1] Inserting Records Through Forms6i Into 9i Object Tables 80
2261335 System Editor Does not Recognize Case Restriction in Forms6i 80
2270593 Item not Showing Change of Color when Its Visual Attribut Changes 80
2464214 Jinit 1.3.1 Hangs when Call_Form with Modal Window from When-Validate-Item 90
2473625 C-Api: D2folbao_Addobj Cannot Add Both Package Spec and Body to an Olb 80
2547171 Horizontal Scrollbar Incorreclty Placed for Bidi Languages 80
2581964 Not Able to Navigate Into Text-Item with the Mouse After Error Message 80
2586549 Navigation Comes Back to Tab Page1 when Click on Check Box / Pushbutton in Page2 80
2622672 Apps6:Jinit Uses Ip Instead of Host Name Under Https Through Proxy 80
2639214 Backport Fix for Bug 2588643 to Forms 6.0.8.X 80
2672725 View of Stacked Canvasses is Shifted when Maximizing Mdi Window 80
2696566 Minimised Form Window Maximises when Exit a Form in Multiple Forms Application 80
2723130 Command After Set_Window_Property to Minimize Does not Get Executed in Webforms. 80
2753821 Apps6: Mrj: Font Too Big and Ugly Compared to Windows After Fix for Bug 2161879 80
2767396 NLS:Cannot Input Unicode Characters Directly in Forms Runtime 80
2770447 Close_Form not Working Properly from Menu 80
2830002 Crash in Uiw60.Dll After Some Iterations of Call_Form/Exit_Form 80
2832511 Cannot Cut/Copy/Paste with the Mouse During the Runtime Execution of a Form 80
2876507 Apps6: Require a Method of Limiting the Number of Records Fetched By an Lov 80
2876587 Arrow Keys Are not Working on Web when Lookandfeel=Generic 80
2883623 Forms Crashes when Hiding Alert on Multi Record Block 80
2896119 Apps6: Java Heap Grows By ~ 50k Everytime Lov Window Displayed 80
2950871 FRM-92100 Using Web.Show_Document with Custom Images 80
2958862 Unable to Access to the Last Records on a List of Values with the Scroll Bar 80
2959185 Cancel Query Dialogue Window is not Adjusted to Fit Size of the Text 80
2968119 Multibyte Characters Are Overlapped in Plsql Editor 74
2971663 Apps6: Bidi :Stacked Canvas Does not Scroll Focused Items Into View 74
2979847 Forms Doesn't Work with Reverse Proxy in Https Mode 80
2980162 Double Quoted Usernames/Passwors Are Handled Incorrectly Within Forms 80
2991863 Scrollbar not Adjusted when Execute_Query(All_Records) W/ More Than 32k Records 80
3013167 Apps6: Mac13x: Backport Fix for 2985079 to Forms 6.0.8.X 80
3014883 Backport Fix for Bug 1762970 to Forms 6.0.8.X 80


Defect # Subject Status
2647344 Repserver Crash with Dbauth & Invalid User/Pass After DB Shutdown & Restart 80
2663322 Jpg Images Appear as Thumbnails with Destype as Preview 80
2859307 Rwcli60 Returns an Code of 0 when Srw.Program_Abort Used in Afterreport Trigger 80
3075976 After Applying Patch 14 Data in Reports Pdf Output Truncated. 80