Defect Fixes for Forms & Reports Version


Forms and Reports

Defect # Subject
801647 Problems with a Question Mark
1882731 Ctl+Shift Key Does not Change the Direction
1951998 Field to Field Navigation Causes 2 Pings to the Application Server
2170459 Menu Item Remains Greyed Out Even After Enabling
2321485 Nls_Lang=Slovenian_Slovenia... Window Menu Option Reports Error
2406021 When-Validate-Item Trigger Fires Twice on the Web
2595515 Access Key Does not Fire when Multiple Record is Displayed
2610724 Cursor not Visible in Right Justified, Multiline Text Item
2615804 Ole: Cannot Retrieve Documents from Database After Upgrade
2888189 FRM-92100 when Scrolling Through Records in Data Block
2890905 Unexpected Auto-Scrolling when Text Field is Wider Than the Window
2944890 Illegalargumentexception While Populating Hierarchical Tree
2979847 Forms Doesn't Work with Reverse Proxy in Https Mode
2980320 Dbms_Error_Code/Dbms_Error_Text Unable to Correctly Trap Errors
2992108 Forms Servlet and F60webm Deadlock Intermittently
3017994 Keep Cursor Position not Working with When-Timer-Expired Trigger
3022401 Double Clicking the Minimised Window Does not Restore It to Its Correct Position
3030515 Forms Runtime Crashes when Moving Mouse on Menu If Console Window is Null
3053984 Report is Printed in Landscape Instead of Portrait when Called from Forms.
3064746 Incorrect Position of Cursor for Multiline Text Item
3064975 Backport Fix for Bug 2262314 to Forms 6.0.8.X
3069234 Detail Block not Requeried If Lov with Autoskip Navigates to New Record
3069358 Cursors not Closed when Call Form Using New_Form with Share_Library_Data Option
3087892 Backport Fix for Bug 2827536 to Forms 6.0.8.X
3130709 Performance Degrades with Clip Board Having Large Amount of Data in Web Forms
3135112 Java.Lang.Illegalstateexception:Cannot Open System Clipboard Error with Web Form
3154736 FRM-50026 Error is not Translated Into Spanish
3187401 Cursor is Placed Towards the End of the Sentence in a Multiline Text Item
3199167 Call Form Acting Differently After Applying Patch 15
3208897 Call_Form(Do_Replace) Leaves Menu of Called Form If the Form is Exited
3243593 Messages Disappear from Status Line
3254841 Save Dialog Appears when Expanding an Attached Libabry
3312935 Cannot Cut/Copy/Paste with the Mouse During the Runtime Execution of a Form
3460929 C/S: Tab Key in the List of a Poplist Does not Work Correctly
3480251 Menu not Being Refreshed After Returning to Form