Oracle XML Publisher Documentation Resources, Release 12

Last revised: February 22, 2007

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This document describes the published information available for Oracle XML Publisher, Release 12. Use this document to ensure that you leverage all existing resources to learn about, install, implement, and use this product in Release 12.

Note: To view the documentation resources that apply to Oracle Applications as a whole, or to view other product documentation, see: Oracle Applications Documentation Resources, Release 12.

Use the following links to ensure you have the latest content.

Document Title Description
Oracle XML Publisher Known Issues
  • Documents important release information and considerations for Oracle XML Publisher in base Release 12.
Release Content Document
  • Contains a high-level description of delta functionality from Release 11i.10 to base Release 12.

Transfer of Information (TOI) Online Training

*First-time TOI users: follow these setup instructions

Functional TOIs

  • Provides information for users on how to set up and use the new features included in base Release 12.
  • Includes:
    • Benefits of new features from a business perspective
    • Details on product dependencies and interactions
    • Links to additional resources

Technical TOIs

  • Contains information about changes made to existing Release 11i features in base Release 12.
  • Describes the changes made to database objects, profile options, forms, reports, programs, workflows, lookups, and seed data.
Oracle Applications Online Help
  • Provides user assistance in a context-sensitive HTML online help system.
  • Available from most Oracle applications by clicking the Help button.

The documents listed below are included in the Oracle Applications Documentation Library, which is supplied on a physical DVD in the Oracle Applications Release 12 software bundle. These documents can also be obtained in hard copy format from the Oracle Store.

Access the latest content from the Oracle Applications Online Documentation CD.

Document Title Description
Oracle XML Publisher Report Designer's Guide
  • Contains guidelines for developing templates for use with XML Publisher.
Oracle XML Publisher Administration and Developer's Guide
  • Contains administration information and guidelines for developers wishing to leverage the XML Publisher libraries in their own applications.


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