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What is Platform as a Service?

Platform as a Service (PaaS) is the ability to host application platform capacity as a service to your organization. Also referred to as "Shared Infrastructure Services" or "Private Clouds", PaaS challenges the notion that every application requires a unique technology stack unto itself and that businesses can't free themselves of rigid deployment scenarios for their custom applications. PaaS lets organizations achieve the fastest time to market with the lowest cost of ownership and management.

The PaaS Competency Center is where Oracle technologists and customers alike can collaborate on patterns, blueprints, techniques and code examples which exemplify Platform as a Service using Oracle WebLogic Server, Oracle Coherence, Oracle Enterprise Manager and other Oracle technologies. Hosting WebLogic Server instances in a shared environment is nothing new to most WebLogic customers, but many have yet to realize the full potential of the powerful tools at their disposal in the latest versions of Oracle WebLogic Server.

A typical PaaS solution is hosted by Administrators who manage the platform instances, Tenants who request the platform instances to deploy applications, and Users who access the applications deployed to the platform instances. A key characteristic of PaaS is self service. Tenants can request new platform instances via a self service application that is coupled to automated provisioning processes. Administrators have centralized operational monitoring and control over all platform instances and can add or remove underlying hardware capacity as necessary to meet User demand.

One key driver for PaaS is time to market. PaaS delivers faster time to market for projects and applications because less time is spent provisioning and configuring environments- this means more time for development and testing.

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