Getting the Desktop into the Cloud [February 2011]
by Chris Kawalek
Desktop virtualization technology offers a flexible way to address these issues while changing the ways that desktop infrastructure is deployed.

How to Configure Zones in Oracle Solaris 11 for Easy Cloning [November 2011]
by Jeff McMeekin
Jeff McMeekin explains how to set up zones with virtual networks so that they're easy to clone on other systems.

How to Restrict Your Application Traffic Using Network Virtualization and Resource Management [November 2011]
by Duncan Hardie
With the virtual network capabilities in Oracle Solaris 11, you can assign bandwidth limits to specific applications. This article describes how.

How to Get Started Creating Oracle Solaris Zones in Oracle Solaris 11 [November 2011]
by by Duncan Hardie
How to create an Oracle Solaris Zone, install an application in that zone, and clone the zone so you can roll out multiple, duplicate resource-controlled environments quickly and easily.

My New Favorite Tool: Oracle VM VirtualBox [November 2011]
by Ginny Henningsen
Ginny Henningsen explains how to use Oracle VM VirtualBox to save time when testing database installation procedures.

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White Papers

Consolidation Using Oracle’s SPARC Virtualization Technologies [September 2014]
by Michael Ramchand
This paper provides a high-level overview of Oracle’s virtualization technologies, and it introduces a methodology for evaluating their features so that they can be matched against workload requirements by observing the following seven characteristics: Security isolation, Resource isolation, Efficiency, Availability, Serviceability, Flexibility and Agility.  This methodology could also be used to evaluate other Oracle virtualization technologies, as well as other combinations of Oracle virtualization technologies not covered in this paper, such as pluggable databases in Oracle Database 12c or application consolidation within Oracle WebLogic Server.

Increasing Application Availability by Using the Oracle VM Server for SPARC Live Migration Feature: An Oracle Database Example [February 2012]
by Orgad Kimchi and Roman Ivanov
Orgad Kimchi and Roman Ivanov describe how to take advantage of the Live Migration capability in the Oracle VM Server for SPARC 2.1 software to increase the availability of an Oracle Database 11g Release 2 single-instance database.

Optimizing Oracle Virtual Desktop Infrastructure with Oracle's Sun ZFS Storage Appliance [June 2011]
by Oracle
This paper describes the challenges IT organizations face when managing large numbers of user desktop systems and explains how Oracle's integrated desktop virtualization and storage solution can help.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Agile Product Lifecycle Management [August 2011]
by Chad Prucha
Chad Prucha illustrates a pretested environment for Oracle Agile Product Lifecycle Management that consolidates multiple tiers onto a single Oracle Sun Fire X4800 M2 server using Oracle Solaris Containers.

Oracle Optimized Solution for Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure [May 2011]
by Oracle
This paper provides recommendations and best practices for optimizing virtualization infrastructures when deploying the Oracle Enterprise Cloud Infrastructure.

Accelerating Deployment of Virtualized Infrastructures with the Oracle VM Blade Cluster Reference Configuration [December 2010]
by Oracle
The Oracle VM blade cluster reference configuration described in this paper provides a complete and fully tested virtualized stack that can reduce deployment time by weeks or months while also reducing risk and improving application performance.

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