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From Our Readers

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More Digital

Thank you for sending the digital copy of the November/December 2006 issue of Oracle Magazine. Can you send digital copies of previous issues of Oracle Magazine? How can I get these older magazine issues?
Rojan Shrestha

Digital back issues from the start of the digital subscription program are available to digital subscribers only. When viewing a digital issue, digital subscribers can click the "Archives" tab to access back issues.

Oracle Magazine back issues are also available to all in HTML format at

Any reader of Oracle Magazine who wants to change the preference of print or digital format can do so on the printed subscription card or the online subscription form.

Pro Partitioning

I started reading the article "Partition Decisions" by Arup Nanda with only mild interest, but I can't describe in words how wonderful and useful the article is. It is written from a real-world point of view few other articles could lay claim to.

This is exactly the type of article I would like to see in the magazine. There are articles, and there are articles , where the authors seem to align very closely with the real-world issues of the readers. For instance, in this article, the author has clearly moved away from repeating what's available elsewhere as commodities—the syntax and all that good stuff. Instead he describes an issue faced by architects and designers day in and day out. The layout of the article is particularly attractive—with the decision points spelled out as they would be discussed in a real meeting.

I have to mention this: Just around the time this article was published, we were going through a series of meetings to decide on our own partitioning strategy, and the resemblance of the proceedings was, well, uncanny, to say the least! This article helped us significantly in our decision-making process, especially the section on data movement.

Please continue to publish these types of articles. They are not just repetition of the ideas available in manuals.
Brian Lentini

I would like to thank you for the very informative article by Arup Nanda on Oracle Partitioning ("Partition Decisions"). We as an organization have been grappling with Oracle Partitioning issues and best practices for a while, and this article was very timely.
Mike Stearman

We received many responses regarding Oracle Partitioning and this article. Thanks to all who sent feedback on Arup Nanda's "Partition Decisions."

Go Weekly

I am a regular reader of your magazine. I suggest that you publish the magazine once a week instead of every two months. This way you can publish database technology details from fundamentals to advanced levels.
Km. Ravichandran

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Beginning with the Past

I subscribe to Oracle Magazine, and I am new to the Oracle PL/SQL language. I want to see past issues of Oracle Magazine to see basic and important PL/SQL information.
Chandra Kishore Bakshi

There's an index of past Oracle Magazine PL/SQL articles at There's also an index of past OTN PL/SQL articles at And the PL/SQL technology center at includes links to additional PL/SQL articles, as well as links to book excerpts, sample code, Oracle University PL/SQL classes, and the PL/SQL discussion forum.