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Oracle Magazine
March/April 2007

UP FRONT: From Our Readers

From Our Readers

Your corrections, your opinions, and your requests: Here's your forum for telling us what's right and wrong in each issue of Oracle Magazine, and for letting us know what you want to read.

Praise, Blame, and Newbie Requests

I write to express my profound appreciation for Oracle Magazine. Since I'm not too familiar with Oracle products, I wish the magazine included a serialized beginners' tutorial section—even if only a page.

I would also like to bring to your notice the fact that some terms and phrases are given acronyms with no need whatsoever for them, making reading even business news very difficult.

I am particularly pleased with the attention and support given to open source software technologies. The magazine has a great future in this direction.
Mno Ikhile

I am a regular reader of Oracle Magazine and would be interested in an issue of the magazine in which you help beginners like me learn more about all Oracle topics—such as creating a database and programming.
Akinbola Ogunmokun

I would like to first say a very big thank-you for the publication of Oracle Magazine. I would also like a publication to be produced for beginners who are using Oracle products for the first time.
Uthman Opeyemi

Digital Derring-Do

I just wanted to say thank you for making such an easy and (for me) perfect Web page for reading Oracle Magazine online. The ability to download it to read later—and, moreover, the ability to download it in a couple of file types, including the great PDF option—makes it very easy and comfortable.
Kaan Demirtas

I would like to congratulate the team behind the scenes that is responsible for preparing this wonderful publication in a digital way. The navigation is very easy, and it is more economical for you guys and less paper for us.
Dario H. Romero

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Shape Matters

I like having the magazine online, but it could be even better. I understand that you see advantages to having it as a one-to-one copy of the print version, but I would see more advantages to having it formatted for a typical screen shape. It is more difficult online than on paper to look at a diagram on one page and text on another. I know these would not be issues if I had a supersized screen, but I'm guessing very few readers have one of those.
Chris Barrow

Driving through the [digital] publication seems like work. Going from the bottom to the top of columns gets old. It's hard to get an idea of what I'd like to read, since the print is too small to see, and when I zoom in, I have to zoom back out to make sure I don't miss anything I might want to read on the page.

I usually page through a print magazine to get a general idea and pick things to go back and read fully later. It's quick and easy. Try doing that with this format. I think you'll find there is no comparison.
Gary Mcglinn

Thanks for the feedback; at this time, we have distributed only four digital issues, and we have made some significant changes to the process. We are continuing to gather input on our current digital format, and size and zoom issues are key areas we are looking into. Please note that we have more-simple HTML editions of the magazine available at