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March/April 2007

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Partner News

ClearOrbit Enhances Gemini Mobile Solution for Oracle Process Manufacturing

ClearOrbit, a provider of real-time supply chain execution and reverse logistics solutions, has released Gemini Mobile Solution for Oracle Process Manufacturing Release 11.5.10e. The product automates high-volume supply chain transactions within Oracle Process Manufacturing and allows mobile workers to perform key transactions using radio frequency wireless handhelds or forklift-mounted bar code scanners.

ClearOrbit Gemini Mobile now automates more than 75 key Oracle Process Manufacturing transactions and ties them directly to the application's data model in real time, using standard Oracle APIs (such as Lot Status Change) and employing setups, tolerances, and profiles already defined in the Oracle system. The newest release features simplified order fulfillment transactions to move items directly from manufacturing completion to shipping lane with increased throughput, and expanded capabilities for automating lot traceability and accountability.

EDS Moves Surveyor to a Service-Oriented Architecture

Oracle Certified Advantage Partner EDS, in collaboration with Oracle, Intel, and Fujitsu, has modernized Surveyor, the credit processing application in the EDS financial services portfolio. Surveyor, formerly a mainframe application, now runs on a low-cost, high-performance platform based on Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Fusion Middleware including Oracle SOA Suite, and Oracle JDeveloper 10g.

The modernized application features the same reliability, availability, and scalability as the mainframe version it replaced, while delivering operational savings and faster reaction times to EDS and its customers through a service-oriented architecture (SOA).

EDS Surveyor, one element of the company's business process outsourcing offering, processes more than 1.5 million credit applications per month, supporting daily peak demands that exceed 200,000 revolving credit applications and 50,000 mortgage applications in an environment of high confidentiality, integrity, authentication, and privacy.

Altova Introduces DatabaseSpy 2007

Altova has released DatabaseSpy 2007, a multidatabase data management, query, and design tool. Designed to be a universal tool for database professionals, DatabaseSpy can connect with most major databases, including Oracle9i and Oracle Database 10g, Microsoft SQL Servers 2000 and 2005, Microsoft Access 2003, IBM DB2 versions 8.x and 9, MySQL 4.x and 5.x, and Sybase 11. DatabaseSpy can operate with any database that uses an ActiveX Data Objects (ADO) or Open Database Connectivity (ODBC) connection.

DatabaseSpy's features include a Quick Connect Wizard that gives users multiple table and row selection options; a built-in SQL editor with autocompletion, syntax checking, color coding, and drag-and-drop editing; export and import functions supporting a variety of formats; and access to the underlying databases in business software applications. DatabaseSpy can also help users migrate existing database content for use in XML-based applications by exporting databases to XML files or to Altova's XMLSpy. DatabaseSpy 2007 costs US$129 for a single-user license; a free 30-day trial version is available online.

Management Concepts Puts Federal Acquisition Regulation Functionality into Oracle Procurement Contracts

Management Concepts and Oracle will jointly market a combined solution that helps federal agencies author, execute, and manage procurement contracts in compliance with the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR). Users will be able to automatically upload FAR content into Oracle Procurement Contracts through Management Concepts' FAR eProcurement Subscription Service.

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Management Concepts
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Management Concepts' FAR eProcurement Subscription Service provides an electronic, up-to-date version of the FAR to support automatic creation, generation, and maintenance of federal solicitation and contract documents. The service includes updates for FAR content via the internet or CD.

The company works with federal agencies to convert agency-specific clause content for use in its automated procurement applications. It also develops and delivers end-user training programs that integrate agency procurement business processes with automated acquisition applications.

Vgo Software Automates Oracle Forms-to-Java Conversion

Vgo Software (formerly NEOS) has released Evo, an automated Oracle Forms-to-Java (J2EE) database application conversion solution. Evo automatically analyzes the form in three layers—user interface, business logic, and data access—and provides detailed understanding of a legacy application's semantic content. By providing insight into a legacy application's code structure, these reports allow developers to make intelligent decisions about its architecture in the Java environment.

Evo analysis lets developers see complexities within the source code that can benefit from further definition. Developers can also customize the translation engine before it goes to work. This approach improves the rate of automated conversion as well as the clarity, quality, and maintainability of the resulting converted application. Evo grew out of NEOS's experience manually modernizing hundreds of Oracle Forms applications to Java-J2EE for Fortune 500 clients.

Prices for Evo start at US$10,000 and are structured on a per-form basis.


Partner Spotlight

Partners Extend Oracle Enterprise Manager

Oracle Enterprise Manager makes managing heterogeneous data center environments less complex and costly by providing a "single pane of glass" through which users can monitor and manage a variety of systems. Although management extensions native to Oracle Enterprise Manager reach many popular systems and products, a variety of Management Plug-ins (MPIs) extend its capabilities even further, helping Oracle Enterprise Manager users get more from their investment. Oracle partners are leading the way in extending Oracle Enterprise Manager, as evidenced by these partner-built MPIs:

Nortel Alteon Application Switch Plug-in simplifies management of Nortel Application Switches. It works with six Nortel Application Switch models (2208, 2216, 2224, 2224-SSL, 2424, and 3408) as well as Nortel Application Switch Element Manager.

Citrix Presentation Server Plug-in provides metrics about the Citrix Presentation Server farm, including terminal services and data store connection failures, and creates eight different customizable reports including server performance and favorite applications.

Blue Lane PatchPoint Manager Plug-in gathers configuration parameters and statistical data for Blue Lane PatchPoint Manager events. It can raise alerts and warnings based on specified thresholds and provides a variety of reports on server and patch status.

Onaro SANscreen Plug-in helps DBAs understand the storage services delivered to their databases. It provides information about each database host, including total storage capacity, raw disk capacity, the number of service-level violations on storage paths that originate from a given host, and the trend of those violations.

Pillar Data Systems Axiom Plug-in enables monitoring of Axiom storage system hardware status, provides storage usage by logical unit number (LUN) and file system, and can raise alerts and warnings based on configured thresholds.

Egenera pServer Plug-in provides three sets of hardware metrics for a given pServer (Egenera's virtual server): Processing Blade details, CPU and board temperatures, and backplane traffic. It also gathers and monitors information on traffic among pServers, LUNs, and external servers.

BEZ Systems' BEZProphet Plug-in extracts and analyzes performance information from the Oracle Enterprise Manager 10g repository to predict future performance bottlenecks or service delivery breaches, helping customers compare alternative solutions and find remedies before problems occur.


Book Beat

Forecasting Oracle Performance

By Craig Shallahamer
ISBN: 1-59-059802-4

Of all the problems that DBAs need to worry about, performance issues often generate the most stress. Will the current hardware last the year? What happens when we merge the employees from a newly acquired company? Will the current system keep up with the demands of a new application?

Forecasting Oracle Performance is the first Oracle Database-specific book to provide DBAs with guidelines for forecasting the performance of new and existing database systems. Readers will learn to model database systems, to validate their models, and to use those models to provide forecasts that enable them to work confidently with business management to prepare for the future.

Author Craig Shallahamer is a consultant and researcher with more than 18 years of experience working with Oracle databases.

Oracle Database 10g RMAN Backup & Recovery

By Matthew Hart and Robert G. Freeman
Oracle Press
ISBN: 0-07-226317-2

Want to deploy a rock-solid backup and disaster recovery strategy? This in-depth book shows you how to take full advantage of Oracle Recovery Manager (Oracle RMAN), the robust backup and recovery technology built into Oracle Database 10g. Oracle Database 10g RMAN Backup & Recovery provides a step-by-step guide to setting up Oracle RMAN-ready databases, creating reliable backup tapes and discs, and performing accurate Oracle system restores.

Readers will learn how to use Oracle RMAN from both the command line and Oracle Enterprise Manager, generate meaningful lists and reports, and automate administrative tasks using third-party media management tools. The book also describes how to perform incremental backups, Flashback recoveries, and database cloning.

Coauthor Matthew Hart has worked with Oracle high-availability technologies since Oracle Database Release 7.3; he has worked with Oracle RMAN since its inception. Coauthor Robert G. Freeman is an Oracle DBA who has written several books, including Oracle Database 10 g New Features (Oracle Press).

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