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May/June 2007


From Our Readers

Your corrections, your opinions, and your requests: Here's your forum for telling us what's right and wrong in each issue of Oracle Magazine, and for letting us know what you want to read.

Pleas for SMBs

First of all, let me congratulate you on Oracle Magazine . It's full of interesting articles and gives good insight on Oracle technologies and their use in the business world.

I recently started using Oracle Database 10g Express Edition for study purposes, and I think it's well suited to the needs of small and medium businesses [SMBs]. My request is for Oracle Magazine to devote a section to the use of Oracle technology in these SMB environments. Here you could cover the benefits of Oracle technology for SMBs and offer some SMB Oracle case histories.

I also second the request (see From Our Readers, Oracle Magazine, March/April 2007) for a beginner's section!
Stefano Sorbara

Oracle offers many solutions geared toward the SMB space—you can find details and ample resources at and at In addition, Oracle Magazine's January/February 2007 issue featured an article by David A. Kelly on SMBs and Oracle, entitled "Expanding to Meet Demands."

Can I See Some ID?

I am a regular reader of your magazine. My request is that you include more about the concepts of and different approaches to identity management.
Dharmendra Patel

New to JDev and PL/SQL

I've been a reader of Oracle Magazine for four years now. I like to use Oracle JDeveloper, but the articles that are published in Oracle Magazine cover more-advanced features. I want more beginner articles on using this product. I'd also appreciate simplified articles on frameworks and testing.
Kelvins Eghosa Aghayedo

I'm a regular reader of Oracle Magazine, and I would be grateful if you could please provide more information for beginners on PL/SQL and its features.
Felix Omojadegbe

TT Time

There was an error in Jonathan Gennick's Embedded article on Oracle TimesTen, which appeared in your November/December 2006 issue ("When Microseconds Count.")

When I ran the code, BIGINT was not a valid type name; the error said to use TT_BIGINT instead.
Hasan Tonguc Yilmaz

The article was written and tested using Oracle TimesTen 6.0. For this release, BIGINT is correct. To run the code in the article with the latest release, Oracle TimesTen 7.0, replace BIGINT with TT_BIGINT .

Flawed "Gem"

It seems to me that there is a mistake in the database.yml file in the Ruby on Rails article entitled "A Development Gem," which appeared your March/April 2007 issue. This error causes the database connection not to work. I believe the correct value for adapter should be oci .
Arvid Warnecke

The Ruby on Rails article "A Development Gem" in your March/April 2007 issue is an excellent introduction to Ruby on Rails.

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This article requires some corrections, however. In the code describing the database.yml file, adapter: oci8 should be replaced by adapter: oci, and host: localhost should be replaced with host: .
Deepak Vohra

The online article has been updated to reflect the database.yml file corrections.

For more information on setting the values for the database.yml file, see Ruby on Rails with Oracle FAQ and How to Connect To Oracle.