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November/December 2007

COMMUNITY: Embedded Oracle

Telematics and Biometrics

Oracle powers tracking devices and ID systems.

Telematics on the Move

For companies that face the challenge of managing a large fleet of vehicles that are moving across a continent, telematics provides an efficient solution. Telematics is the science of sending, receiving, and storing information via telecommunications devices in vehicles. Today's telematics integrate global positioning system (GPS) technology with computers and mobile communications devices.

One telematics solution is the Vector 300 from Prolificx, a company that has worked with the Oracle Telematics solution center to deliver an end-to-end mobile resource management solution based on Oracle Database Lite and Oracle MicroEdge Server. In each vehicle, the Vector 300 embeds the Oracle MicroEdge Server to capture the data from onboard sensors such as GPS and a speed tracker and process the data via predefined rules and filters. This data is then stored locally in Oracle Database Lite and can be synchronized wirelessly across cellular data networks using the Oracle Database Lite Mobile Server with backend fleet management applications.

The Vector 300 telematics unit allows the location and speed of every vehicle to be tracked, even when the vehicle is temporarily out of cellular range. This enables large fleets to be efficiently managed in real time, saving time and cost, and providing better customer service. Other applications of the Vector 300 include tracking leased vehicles and managing vehicle health information and driver behavior data.

Identity in Action

In the near future, biometrics will likely be the way many people are granted access to their personal data and business applications, as well as physical access to homes, cars, and secure rooms and buildings. 

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 BIO-key International

Today biometric systems, including those from BIO-key International, are used in custom applications such as voting machines. Using proprietary search techniques, enhanced imaging, and mathematical modeling, BIO-key's True User Identification products accurately identify individuals by their fingerprints, out of a database of millions of fingerprints. BIO-key's fingerprint technology validates a user's identity by something that they are (fingerprint), versus something they have (token or key) or know (password). To store fingerprint data, BIO-key has embedded Oracle Database 10g in its True User Identification product line.

True User Identification complements many identity management solutions, such as Oracle Identity Management, through the creation of a unique ID based on a user's fingerprint. While the technology's most popular use is for strong user authentication, its ability to eliminate fraudulent and duplicate IDs has enabled implementations including child identification systems, healthcare systems, financial applications, identity verification for college entrance exams, and even entry to workout facilities.

BIO-key provides a completely secure environment for biometric identification systems: the storage format for the biometric data is impossible to reverse-engineer into a fingerprint, and the fingerprint data can be stored or destroyed if necessary.

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